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Wednesday, Feb. 28, 2024
The Observer

Thank you, Zahm

Thanksgiving has become an arguably underrated holiday, sandwiched between Halloween and Christmas. I get it — Thanksgiving doesn’t offer free candy, spooky costumes, Christmas carols or presents. But the day still deserves a little more attention than it currently gets, with the end of Halloween ushering in the Christmas season.

In honor of this under appreciated holiday, I’d like to take some time to recognize a few of the most underrated things on campus for which I am grateful. (Note: This is in no particular order, and should not be taken as a ranking).

The rabbits of Notre Dame

Sure, the squirrels of Notre Dame are great, but honestly, the rabbits just don’t get the credit they deserve. They’re equally cute, more elusive and less aggressive. And while I sometimes wonder if the squirrels here are plotting to take over the University — and they scare some of my friends — I’ve never met anyone who’s afraid of the rabbits.

Zahm’s Music

This barely edges out the chants of “Modern art! Shopping cart!” I’ve frequently heard Wednesday nights while living in Cavanaugh, but would it really be a football Friday without their music blasting throughout North Quad? Though, let’s save the Christmas tunes until after Thanksgiving.

The bus from the Bulla parking lot to the Dome

When people think of the buses on campus that are free, they might think of the bus to Saint Mary’s or University Park Mall. However, this bus is arguably one of the most important ones on campus, especially when it’s cold, dark and the walk to your dorm is just so dang long.

Free food at McWell

Everyone goes wild for the free berries at the dining halls — and those are great — but McWell has free strawberries almost every day, as well as Goldfish crackers, chocolate chips, tea and other snacks. This is easily one of the best things I learned about in Moreau.

The post office

Most of my trips to the post office have been frantic and stressful, as I tried to mail something at the last possible minute (sorry for all the belated birthday cards friends!) But did you know you can mail an envelope from the Dome to Rome for less than $5? (Neither did I, until my roommate mailed a birthday card there, almost a week in advance no less!).

Honorable mentions: McWell grants, Bond Quad, Taco Bell’s Cheesy Roll Ups, the basement of South Dining Hall, birthday cakes from the Huddle, the math library and North Dining Hall’s Buffalo Chicken Salad.

The views expressed in this column are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Observer.