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Saturday, June 22, 2024
The Observer

Heritage Week celebrates SMC history, alumnae

Beginning today, there will be daily events celebrating the rich history of Saint Mary’s College through Alumnae Relations Committee’s Heritage Week.

[Heritage Week] is basically just a week in homage to our heritage,” said Saint Mary’s senior Marianna Sanchez, chair of the Alumnae Relations Committee.

Different events are planned throughout the week to explore and celebrate Saint Mary’s roots. A Mass on Feb. 2 kicked off the week.

Monday we're starting a new sort of tradition,” said junior Giavanna Paradiso, vice-chair of the Alumnae Relations Committee. After the Avenue Alumnae Spotlight, every month there is going to be an email from an alumnae to sort of explain her career path and how Saint Mary’s helped her.”

Along with this, Paradiso said, there will be various ways to thank the Sisters of the Holy Cross and spend time with them.

Tuesday, there’s Heritage Tours and special prizes,” Paradiso said. Then on Wednesday, we’re kind of having a ’Why you love St. Mary’s’ ... type of thing. Thursday is going to be ice cream with the Sisters and Friday is thank you letters to the sisters and donuts.”

The Heritage Tours, as well as the socials with the Sisters, will provide an opportunity to explore the convent and historical spots within the building.

[For] the Heritage Tour … they have a museum and so a sister comes and takes you on tour of that museum,” Sanchez said. ... It’s incredible — it has so many artifacts from our history and information on people who started Saint Mary's …  the stories that go along with it are incredible over there, so that's just super cool.”

Paradiso said that extra care had been put into planning this year’s Heritage Week, as it did not take place last year.

It did not occur last year because it was the 175th anniversary and it just kind of fell through the cracks with everything going on,” Paradiso said. So we wanted to make sure that we gave it it’s adequate due, because obviously we love Saint Mary’s and think heritage is important.”

The Saint Mary’s College Alumnae Association works to promote relationships between students and alumnae, Sanchez said, and has both students and alumnae on its board.

I sit on the board of directors for the Alumnae Association and then next year Giavanna will sit on the board,” Sanchez said. We are the student liaison between the alumnae and the students here on campus, so we meet with the board of directors when they’re in town.”

Paradiso said she was excited for the week’s programming, especially for Monday’s Alumnae Spotlight.

The alumna we’re spotlighting first is my sister,” she said. ... I’m excited for everyone to meet her through email.”

These events will also connect current embodiments of Saint Mary’s history through the events with the Sisters and at the Convent.

Sanchez said she was most excited to spend time with the Sisters.

I'm most excited for the Thursday event which is an ice cream social with the sisters at the Convent,” Sanchez said. … They’ve got such a rich history over there and all of them are so amazing. They just want to know how you’re doing, how school’s going … know about your life. They’re the best.”