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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
The Observer

The Scene 2020 women’s fall style guide

Mary O'Reilly
Mary O'Reilly | The Observer

Fall has arrived — and girls, it’s time for a wardrobe change. We all know the transition between summer and fall is not an easy feat. As you pack up your vibrant summer attire, you must not pack style up with it. Oftentimes when the weather gets chillier, all we want to do is throw on a big sweatshirt. But resist the urge. Try and break away from the standard black leggings and oversized t-shirt look and find something unique, yet accessible. Behold, Scene’s women’s fall style guide, full of tips and tricks to stand out and dress properly in October’s freshly fall weather.

Please note: The leggings comment has nothing to do with the black leggings debate of 2019, but simply trying to provide you with alternatives to a very common look seen on campus. Like Scene Editor Ryan Israel said in the men’s style guide, “This is your blueprint — do with it what you will.”

Let’s start from the top. Due to the chill in the air, you will most likely be sporting some sort of jacket or sweater. Remember, it isn’t winter yet, so put away the parka. One of my favorite fall looks is a sweater paired with either a classic white — or solid-colored — t-shirt or a crisp, pressed button-down. I recommend checking out J.Crew and Uniqlo to find some of these staples. Don’t forget about concert t-shirts, either. Sport your favorite band’s t-shirt over a fitted turtleneck or long-sleeved t-shirt.

If you want to mix up your sweater wearing or need an extra layer of outerwear, this is when your denim jacket becomes your best friend — and don’t be afraid of the Canadian tuxedo. Fitted denim jackets are great on mildly cool days with a white long-sleeved t-shirt and pair of jeans or colored pants. For the days you need to layer, an oversized jean jacket is a must. It may consume you, but it will definitely keep you warm. Nevertheless, even on the sunny cool days, oversized denim jackets are great to throw on over a jean skirt or a dress. You can find great denim options on both Levi's and Madewell, but if you are looking for a more luxurious jean jacket, AG is a great option.

For your legs, think pants. As the weather gets colder and windier, skirts and dresses may not be the best option. Mother, Levi's, 7 for all mankind and Dickies are great brands to explore for a diverse array of denim or a simple pair of skater pants. If you are interested in a sportier and more casual look, check out Lululemon’s alternative to sweats. And for a more daring look, a bold pant found at Big Bud Press (a small independent clothing brand in Los Angeles) is always my go-to. Their colors are not traditionally "fall," but they will always brighten a room.

The toes need to be protected, so it’s time for boots. Clearly, Dr. Martens has the prescription for you. Almost every girl has pair of Docs, but in order to call yourself a true owner of Dr. Martens you must appreciate its history. If it doesn’t feel like a boot kind of day, Birkenstocks and socks have made a comeback. This pairing is no longer ridiculed and is met with frequent praise. To spice up the coupling of sock and sandals, find bold socks at RipnDip or a classic pair of clean white socks. Socks are an important aspect of any outfit — even if they are hidden in a boot or underneath pants, they always add a hint of surprise.

Your winter fashion might not change, but I hope you take one thing away from this article: Create your own unique style. Don’t become complacent and conform to the world around you. Find pieces of clothing that excite you and define you. Be creative and have fun — don’t let social media and peer pressure tell you what you must wear. I hope this style guide inspired you to explore new brands and develop your own style that is clearly and authentically you.