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Sunday, April 21, 2024
The Observer

If I were a student who stormed the field

A MESSAGE FROM A STUDENT WHO STORMED THE FIELD: I regret my error of judgement in not social distancing.  Dear Fellow Students, Faculty and Staff, I know many of you have read about the Clemson field-storming I recently attended. I write to express my regret for certain choices I made that day and for failing to lead, as I should have. Last Saturday evening, I received, on very short notice, an invitation to attend the field-storming following Notre Dame’s double-overtime victory over No. 1 Clemson. It was important, I believed, that I represent the University at this historic event to support the Notre Dame Fighting Irish Football Team, which is greatly respected by its collegiate and athletic peers, revered by ND students and cheered for by friends and fans across the country. Before I arrived at Notre Dame Stadium, a medical professional took me to an exam room to obtain a nasal swab for a rapid COVID-19 test. I was then directed to a room with others, all fully masked, until we were notified that we had all tested negative, as required by our president, Fr. John Jenkins. We never took our masks off. On Saturday, we were then escorted into the stadium, where we were seated with others who had just been tested, received negative results and were wearing masks. I regret my error in judgment in not socially distancing on the field following the upset win over No. 1 Clemson and for celebrating like a champion with my closest friends after our Fighting Irish’s takedown of the Tigers. I especially regret my mistake in light of the sacrifices made on a daily basis by many, excluding our president, Fr. John Jenkins, in adjusting his life to observe our health protocols. After returning to campus, I was chastised by my unbelievably hypocritical university president for my actions on Saturday night, who informed me that I could not leave the campus and that there would be zero tolerance for any gatherings that “do not comport with the University’s health and safety guidelines,” which means I can’t even visit the White House Rose Garden.   Thank you for your continued efforts during this semester, for your forgiveness and for your understanding.  

In Notre Dame,

A Field-Stormer


Liam Finn

Class of 2020

Nov. 9

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