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Tuesday, May 21, 2024
The Observer

'Good food and good performances for a great cause': Cavanaugh Hall debuts new signature event 'Cavaret'

In an effort to rejuvenate Cavanaugh Hall’s signature event, junior Molly Schroeder, president of Cavanaugh Hall, has worked with fellow Cavanaugh women to turn this dream of hers into reality. She said she was “excited” to publicize this event and to “get it out to everyone” before it begins Friday at 5:30 p.m. on North Quad.

“Previously, Cavanaugh’s big signature event was 'Cavanaugh Cornhole.' Turnout was never very good and it was time for something fresh and new. This is what led to the creation of the ‘cabaret’ experience,” Schroeder said.

“Cavaret“ is a play on words of the word “cabaret,” a nightclub or restaurant where entertainment is performed. Schroeder said providing this cabaret experience is important for the Notre Dame student body.

“'Cavaret' provides an opportunity for everyone in the student body to come together for dinner and a show, courtesy of the Chaos,” Schroeder said. ”During this otherwise busy and stressful week, it allows students to unwind, relax and enjoy several great performances by their peers.”

Cavanaugh Hall's "Cavaret" will take place Friday at 5:30 p.m. on North Quad.

Additionally, it provides an opportunity for student performance clubs, groups and individuals to showcase their talents.

“We believe that 'Cavaret' makes many of these groups more accessible to the student body,” Schroeder said. “We provide a large-scale event that concentrates performers onto one big stage in North Quad. This gives clubs traditionally located in more obscure places a great chance to be seen by everyone out in the open.”

“Cavaret“ is hosting a wide variety of talent — music, dance, theatre, comedy and even jump rope. Schroeder said there should be at least one act that appeals to any attendee. 

Despite being known as the Cavanaugh Chaos, there was a lot of planning and cooperation that went into organizing and executing the event that was anything but chaotic. Planning officially began Aug. 31 and it included weekly meetings and daily check-ins, Schroeder said. Planning is still occurring as the event nears.

Schroeder complimented her team, which included junior and Cavanaugh vice president Nicole Campbell, sophomore Ellie Sheddy, sophomore Audrey Feldman and junior Isabel Knight. She said everyone generally shared the same responsibilities.

Although everyone generally worked together, some members concentrated their efforts in more specific logistical areas. Campbell concentrated on designs for advertisements and t-shirts, Feldman focused on contacting, Knight focused on the dinner menu and Knight and Feldman, the event's commissioners, jointly focused on communication with the Student Activities Office.

First-year Cavanaugh resident Ainee Martin, who is volunteering as a stage manager for the event, said she expects “Cavaret“ to be a popular event. 

“There are so many different kinds of talents in this event, so I think it will be a really popular event and very enjoyable… the time and effort put into this can be clearly seen,” Martin said.

For attendees who wish to eat dinner, student tickets are $5. All revenue generated from “Cavaret“ and the two complementary Cavanaugh bake sales goes to Visitation Maternity Ward, a subset of a hospital in Kenya that Holy Cross priests from Notre Dame helped found. 

Cavanaugh freshmen Serra Marquez and Bianca Batista said “Cavaret“ is an opportunity for “good food and good performances for a great cause.”