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Sunday, Feb. 25, 2024
The Observer

Baraka Bouts finals: Results from the final 10 bouts

The Notre Dame Women's Boxing Club put on their final 10 bouts Monday night. Twenty women faced off to crown a champion in each of the 10 weight classes.

Bout 1: Carly "The Wall" Hall, a senior representing Pasquerilla East from Charleston, South Carolina v. Amelia "Meals on Wheels" Love, a senior representing Farley Hall from St. Louis, Missouri

Form and footwork were important early in the first round of this bout for both fighters. After a short exchange of jabs, Hall was able to get an advantage on Love, keeping her circling in a backpedal and eventually backing her against the ring. During the break, all you could hear was "Meals on Wheels" but Hall's corner of fans came to life right at the bell, giving Hall the momentum to start the round on the offensive again. Love backed Hall into a corner briefly but Hall regained her footing and landed a few more jabs to close the round out. Third round, Love stepped out of the corner powerfully. Hall answered quickly though and backed Love into her own corner and then the one next to it.

By unanimous decision, from the blue corner, Carly "The Wall" Hall won the bout.

Bout 2: Cece "Ginger Spice" Giarman a junior representing Lewis Hall from San Francisco, California v. Erin "Waterworks" Fennessy, a senior representing Walsh Hall from Madison Wisconsin.

In this bout between the present and the future, junior captain Giarman took on club president Erin Fennessy. Fennessy swung first but Giarman struck first followed by a couple of hits landed by Fennessy. Giarman relied heavily in the first round on her right hook and it did her some good. But, when that missed, Fennessy took the chance to land a few jabs and get Giarman on her back foot. Fennessy struck first again prompting each boxer's group of fans to grow louder and louder in the second round. Fennessy kept the pressure on through most of the round, keeping the pace high and only allowing a few swings from Giarman. But those few swings came in heavy. To start the third, that pressure stayed from Fennessy, but again, what Giarman could land struck hard.

By split decision, from the blue corner, Cece "Ginger Spice" Giarman won the bout.

Bout 3: Mags "Little Bull" Roccato a senior representing Walsh Hall from Moorestown, New Jersey v. Ellie "The Hammer" Hammerschmitt a sophomore from Pasquerilla East from Indianapolis, Indiana

To start the first round, The Hammer and Little Bull would each land hits, in turn, one, then the other and back. Hammerschmitt was able to find her pace a few times in the middle of the round. Just before the bell though, Roccato found a rhythm that she brought right back out into the second round. Roccato kept Hammerschmitt on her back feet and unable to keep her hands up to avoid the hits, briefly cornering her at the end of the round. Roccato came out swinging to start yet another round and immediately got Hammerschmitt backtracking, eventually backing her into the corner twice more before the end of the bout.

By unanimous decision, from the blue corner, Mags "Little Bull" Roccato won the bout.

Bout 4: Hannah "The Hulk" Koch, a senior representing Lyons Hall from Fort Wayne, Indiana v. Nora "Who Needs Ankles, Anyway?" Tucker, a senior representing Welsh Family Hall from Libertyville, Illinois

These two stayed locked in swings from the get-go. Tucker and Koch exchanged footing advantages for most of the first round, but it was Koch who was able to land a few more significant hits. Staying in lockstep again, to start the second round, Tucker took a short advantage on the attack, using the bit of speed she had on Koch to get inside. Koch used a longer reach and a bit of a harder swing to answer. If Koch was off her step though, Tucker could get right back in and land a few more hits. Although Tucker kept her on her back feet, Koch was able to land quite a few hits to start the third and made Tucker hesitate a bit. Just before the end of the bout, Koch landed a hit on Tucker that forced an eight-count.

By unanimous decision, from the blue corner, Hannah "The Hulk" Koch won the bout.

Bout 5: Megan "Mamba" Voigt a senior representing Howard Hall from Grand Rapids, Michigan v. Elizabeth "Lights Out" Kerner a senior representing Pasquerilla West from Erie, Pennsylvania

This bout was all about speed. Both bobbing and weaving, and dodging quick punches, the pair of boxers were quick on their feet. Voigt was first to strike significantly and forced two mandatory eight-counts on Kerner within the first round. Voigt found a quick advantage in the second round but Kerner fought her off and the two exchanged a set of jabs before another barrage from Voigt forced another eight count. The third round had an even start, both boxers landing hits and blocking them fairly equally. Kerner found a short advantage answered by one from Voigt as this round passed the quickest.

By unanimous decision, from the blue corner, Megan "Mamba" Voigt won the bout.

Bout 6: Samantha "Twinkle Toes" Manfreda a graduate student representing Farley Hall from Bethel, Connecticut v. Gabrielle "The Dirty" Diederich a graduate student representing Ryan Hall from Salina, Kansas. 

These two boxers are both graduate students, both in their first year of the club and roommates off-campus. Twinkle Toes fits Manfreda perfectly. To start the match she kept Diederich spinning, using her reach to land a few. When Diederich could get her in reach though, she was able to take advantage, backing Manfreda against the ropes twice. Round two, Diederich kept the pressure on keeping Manfreda backing up yet again. At the close of the round, Manfreda grabbed a short advantage landing a couple of combinations. Manfreda landed a few with new energy in the third immediately followed by a combination from Diederich that backed Manfreda into the corner. At the close, Manfreda followed a tired Diederich and landed just a few more to close the bout.

By split decision, and as the first win from the gold corner, Gabrielle "The Dirty" Diederich won the bout.

Bout 7: Sabrina "Golden Stinger" Curran, a junior representing Flaherty Hall from Houston, Texas v. Emily "Bookhook" Wilborn, a senior from Howard Hall from Rochester, New York. 

Immediately, Curran got Wilborn on her back feet but once inside, Wilborn could answer and she was able to grab an advantage of her own. This went back and forth a few times in the first round. Wilborn got inside for the beginning of the second round, landing a few on Curran. It was Curran’s right hook and extended reach that gave her a continued advantage though. Wilborn came out of the gate on fire again in the third round but quickly, Curran answered. This was the most evenly set round of the three as both boxers landed a few combinations in turn with each other. 

By split decision, from the blue corner, Sabrina "Golden Stinger" Curran, won the bout.

Bout 8: Cam “Can’t Touch This” Dowd a senior representing Badin Hall from Topsfield Massachusetts v. Sydney Herczeg a sophomore in Fischer Graduate Housing from South Bend, Indiana

A slip from Herczeg to start the bout held up the initial pace. Dowd was quick to take over once they really got started though. Another hold occurred as a search began for Herczeg’s contact, and the round ended shortly after. Dowd’s speed, reach and power all combined to give her an advantage over Herczeg for the first half of the second round. Herczeg answered just about halfway through, but Dowd regained control before another stalemate and the bell for the round. 

Dowd came out hot to start the third. She knocked Herczeg’s headgear out of place and then almost immediately knocked her off her feet to force an eight-count. Dowd held her in the corner, which Herczeg broke out of with a strong right hook. Ultimately, Dowd held the advantage for most of the third round. 

By unanimous decision, from the blue corner, Cam “Can’t Touch This” Dowd won the bout.

Bout 9: Mia Lecinski v. Sophie “Mighty Mouse” Kressler a senior representing Walsh Hall from Rumson NJ 

Due to three-year captain Lecinski falling ill, this ninth bout wasn’t fought. By way of walkover, Sophie “Mighty Mouse” Kressler won the bout. 

Bout 10: Molly “M Capes” Caplice a junior representing Flaherty Hall from Michigan City, Indiana v. Kelly “Wardog” Ward an off-campus senior from Queens, New York.

In the final bout for the night, Ward took a quick advantage, throwing jabs at Caplice quickly, left and right. Ward got Caplice on the ropes at one point, keeping her on the defensive and maintaining the advantage through the first round. She found another quick advantage in the second round, but not without a fight from Caplice. Ward got Caplice on the ropes again, forcing an eight-count for Caplice in front of a cheering fan base. Ward went on one more advantage to close the round. To start the third, the two boxers were locked in it. As fits her nickname though, “Wardog” Ward was relentless and again found an advantage in the third round. Caplice turned it on her about halfway through but Ward responded heavier, forcing yet another eight-count. 

By unanimous decision, from the gold corner, Kelly “Wardog” Ward won the bout.