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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
The Observer

Public service announcement: Revive the music scene

This is a public service announcement. Bring back the Notre Dame music scene.

This is an urgent cry and something I thought I would never have to say after writing a similar public service announcement in 2019. Some of you might not be aware of this, but Notre Dame has an underground music scene. When I began my time at Notre Dame the music scene was small but quickly growing. Sadly, due to the pandemic and the passing of time, shows had to be postponed and many of our friends and bands have graduated. Of course, every scene goes through its ups and downs, but as our world slowly recovers, we need music more than ever.

In fact, I would do absolutely anything to be crammed into a small, sweaty, South Bend basement right now; singing, dancing and moshing while my friends play covers and originals on their instruments attached to unreliable speakers and faulty wires; the atmosphere wouldn’t be complete without a few exposed pipes or wood beams. I miss seeing the handmade flyers taped haphazardly around campus announcing the next show or anticipating a text about the details of the house show. The scene was powered by word of mouth, a passion for music and the search for community. It might be considered an underground scene, but it was right before your eyes — if you look hard enough you will find it. The spirit of live music fuels unity and community, and the Notre Dame scene is one of the strongest.

I would like to make it clear that the scene is still alive, it’s just in hibernation. It’s a community that never goes away, it just needs to be reawakened. We are living in a time of rebuilding, and I think it’s vital we bring back the community that means so much to so many people. There are already many bands on campus who have been practicing (yes, I see you!), but it’s now time to use your power to bring people together.

If you have a band or want to start one, do it. I tried to start a band, that unfortunately didn’t see the light of the basement, but in the words of Colleen — our bassist — “sometimes, writing a song with a friend and banging on drums with another is enough. That being said, start a band. Even if you fail, you won’t.”

I hope through word of mouth, the power of social media and homemade flyers, the next show will soon be on the horizon.

Let’s get the bands back together.

Support your local music scene.

Support the Notre Dame music scene.

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