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Tuesday, April 16, 2024
The Observer

A whisper of a thrill

Dear reader, Good morning, good afternoon, good evening and good night! I hope that you are doing well and are having the time of your life, since that too is how I felt that one Thursday morning, a few weeks ago. After all, in this short story, I was he and she was her. I cordially extend my invitation for you to join me on a short stroll down my memory lane and to feel the emotion, passion and connection of my recent fairy tale — “A Whisper of a Thrill.” Without further ado, here is my absolutely wonderful, unabridged experience:When he awoke, she lay beside him. He saw her. He smelled her. He felt her warm body pressed against his, arms locked together, her hand holding his. Her head rested so peacefully on his chest, and with each gentle breath her head rose and fell as if it were a boat tethered closely to shore, bobbing up and down with one tame wave after another.Time briefly stood still. Her gentle breaths broke the silence, but not the bliss. The apricot rays of the sun broke the darkness, illuminating the room, yet not fracturing this ephemeral rapture. The rustling of her luscious hair brushed against his shirt, but held no sway in disrupting his odyssey into this Elysian Field. Ever so slowly, a rather insignificant occurrence beckoned him back to reality. Her graceful stirs developed a natural cadence — culminating with her restful eyes cracking open their shades. His mahogany eyes met hers and his smile was swiftly reciprocated. As she slowly was swept back into his familiarity, she grasped him close.A moment passed, and another and another ... She then spoke five words; five words that melted through his cradled body — “I could stay here forever” and divulged a sigh. He brought her close, felt this gorgeous woman enveloped in his burly embrace. He looked upwards and felt that lightning had struck his heart, subsequently deciding to keenly let himself go. It was then that he knew; he knew that he would be forever wed to this fleeting moment and its intoxicating prescription of some unpinnable feeling he sensed was love. He uncaged his mind and let it soar as if it were a falcon first taking flight.His pilgrimage from the day of their initial acquaintance was well worth its weight. So serendipitous was their introduction and so sweet was their reunion. He too wished that he could stay there forever, as she had bathed him in that whisper of a thrill — something so spellbinding that it levitated his heart high above the hills and valleys of this land.As the roles and responsibilities of collegiate life harkened them back to the present, he went on with his day and she went on with her day. He fondly glanced back; back to that innocent moment of delirious happiness and he never forgot the sublime impact of that sensation or those five words.Days later, he yearned for her touch, her embrace, her chest against his and their two hearts waltzing by the same beat. The plausible notion of her slipping away tormented his soul, roasting his heart over a crackling flame. As his temperament waxed and waned, he wondered, could he weather these vicissitudes in affection or would he be marooned in a forlorn purgatory, talking to the moon… I hope that however cryptic the diction, however painfully illustrative the imagery and however seemingly impossible the situation, you too were able to feel how I felt in those halcyon days - that is what I believe writing is all about; bestowing the reader with your raw experience in high hopes that they too will feel as you once felt.  

Yours Truly,

Cruz Martinez


Feb. 9

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