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Sunday, April 14, 2024
The Observer

Murphy’s ‘full circle’ experience at Notre Dame

In 2019, Quinn Murphy was committed to play at Princeton University. But, a phone call changed his course, and within weeks, Murphy was committed as a preferred walk-on at Notre Dame. 

“Kind of a blessing,” said Murphy on the switch up, “Strong faith, great education. I always looked at it as, you know, the cliche 4 for 40. I believed in that pretty heavily. You know, it’s been great to me, and the opportunities and doors that have opened for me at this University.”

While Murphy has not seen a lot of the field in his time at Notre Dame, he has made sure to soak up every opportunity that was presented to him. While he was open to all the changes that occurred over the course of his time at Notre Dame, Murphy credits the bond with his teammates as the glue throughout his four years. 

“I think just bonding over all the [stuff] we’ve had to go to, really brought us closer. So I think my favorite memory overall — favorite and worst memory — is the worst days we’ve had here,” said Murphy. “You know it sucks for a while, but having people in your support group, you know, teammates going through the same thing you’re going through … it’s a huge honor and a privilege.”

Murphy has been with the Irish through staff changes and the pandemic, but also through two college football playoffs. He is honored to be on the team and has called the playoff experiences “unbelievable,” even if the Irish ultimately lost the games. 

Murphy has not just been challenged athletically, but also academically at Notre Dame. 

“[Notre Dame] humbles you pretty quickly to realize that this is a challenge, and you are going to have to grind for the next four years, and I think you know they really let you know that,” Murphy said. “But at the same time, there is so many resources here both athletically, academically, in your faith, mental health whatever you need. I think you know the University has legit everything for you, and I think people should really make sure they utilize all those resources.” 

Murphy is making sure to soak up everything that he has access to while at Notre Dame. And while this upcoming game against Boston College will be Murphy’s last, he is hopefully not done with Notre Dame as Murphy is looking to pursue a master’s degree here.

“Hoping that happens so I can get another year of education here,” said Murphy. “That’s kind of the goal right now, to get higher education and then from there hopefully get a job in private equity and kind of take a finance route.” 

With that on the horizon, Murphy is just focused on appreciating everything that Notre Dame football has provided him with. 

“It’s a dream come true. As any little kid growing up, wanting to be on a Power Five program, especially one as big as Notre Dame, and just the history of this program,” said Murphy. “Going up there, being on that field for the last time, it’s gonna suck, but it’s gonna be a full circle ending to an amazing experience.”