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Monday, May 27, 2024
The Observer

Schatz: I’m not loving it — aesthetics behind an inevitable Irish victory over USC

We all know USC is the worst, there is no denying that. But, for the first time in a while, USC has a good chance of beating the Irish. 

Now, before I start this article I have to outline my situation. For the past four years of my college career, I have been able to brag to my USC boyfriend that Notre Dame will crush them (obviously minus our 2020 ACC domination) in this matchup. Every year without fail, I have won the bet. Stakes are higher than ever this year, and Notre Dame has admittedly not done the best. I never doubt the Irish, but I am a little nervous. While I am positive there are dozens of articles online telling you logistically which team is better, I also am positive there are not many looking at the aesthetics of the teams.

 So … without further ado … this is why Notre Dame will win, on vibes alone.

McDonald’s versus the Golden Domes 

Are you telling me you would root for a McDonald’s colored team over the classy Irish blue and gold? Absolutely not. Red and yellow are the worst color combinations in maybe all of sports (MAYBE they’re better than Clemson). The golden dome atop the Irish players' heads will shine in the Los Angeles sun. Their red will continue to fade away, just like their playoff contention. 

The Irish are ice cold

The Irish just blew out Boston College in a blizzard. Now, Notre Dame travels to sunny Southern California where the low of the night will be 57 F. Just for the record, the high last Saturday for the Irish was 26.6 F, the low was 17.6 F. Albeit, this year’s Boston College team is not comparable to the Trojans, but if the Irish looked that good on Saturday – in freezing cold temperatures – they are just warming up for this weekend. 

The Irish are a coin toss

We have looked our best against good teams, and our worst against bad ones. Although I would like to claim that the Trojans are not good, I actually can’t. And this is in our favor. USC is on a winning streak and their only loss is to Utah. 

Notre Dame is not eligible for the playoffs this year, but we are determined to bring any other team down with us. When Clemson was in contention, Notre Dame came in and crushed them 35-14. The Irish have stopped multiple teams in these streaks. If you remember, UNC was undefeated, and Syracuse had just one loss when they matched up with the Irish. The Trojans are next, and we are coming for them. 

Stakes are high, so let’s kick some butt 

Like I stated earlier, the personal stakes are high for me (if Notre Dame loses I have to eat the spiciest meal my boyfriend can find). But, Notre Dame has been on the up-and-up these past few weeks, and we must continue the streak. If we lose to USC now, what was the point of all the struggle we’ve endured this past year? We lost our coach before the last bowl game, had to transition into the Freeman era (where we lost three games in a row) and then finally started beating out currently ranked teams like Clemson and UNC. We simply cannot stop now. 

So, cheer cheer for old Notre Dame … and help me win bragging rights for the rest of the year.