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Saturday, June 22, 2024
The Observer

2023 Bengal Bouts Preliminary Round: Ring A results

Emanuel “Escobar” Telles Chaves def. Anthony “The Punisher” Papa

In front of a packed house to kick off the 93rd annual bouts, Chaves came out swinging hard, but Papa was ready with firm punches of his own. Both boxers stood their ground but started to grow fatigued at the end of the first round. “The Punisher” pushed “Escobar” into the ropes early in the second round, and in the third, both had moments on the offensive. Chaves landed enough to win by split decision.

Mattheos “Mattheos” Mattheos def. Charlie “Teletubby” Gussen

What started out as an even first round led to Mattheos pushing Gussen back on his heels and ended with a hard hit by Mattheos. The second round was a defensive battle with both men dodging several series of jabs before Mattheos once again landed one to the head. With a loud Siegfried crowd behind him, Mattheos left it all in the ring in the third, pushing Gusen into a count. A hard right hook to the head sealed the win for Mattheos by unanimous decision.

Michael “Crispy Chicken” Rauch def. CJ “Chug Jug” Kelly

This bout began as a test of who had quicker feet, with both Rauch and Kelly using the whole ring. In the second, “Crispy Chicken” had “Chug Jug” pushed into the ropes with a flurry of punches, but Kelly didn’t let up and dominated Rauch up to the bell. Both boxers stood their crowd with equally loud cheers of “Let’s go Crispy” and “Let’s go CJ,” before Rauch finished out the round to win by split decision, continuing the early dominance of the Siegfried Ramblers.

Andrew “Cowboy” Foote def. David “Mac Daddy” McAllister

McAllister and Foote were both ready to be aggressive, but neither could pull away in the first round. The boxers stuck together in the second round each landed a fair share of punches to wear the other down. “Mac Daddy” swung more in the third but couldn’t connect as often as “Cowboy,” eventually resulting in a win for Foote by split decision.

Patrick “The Farmer” Fitzgerald def. William “Best o’ the West” Brady

Fitzgerald used his smaller frame and worked his feet in the first and second rounds to his advantage and landed most of his punches on target, preventing Brady from getting on the offensive. Brady tamed “The Farmer’s” attack in the third, though, pushing him to a count not once, but twice. Brady’s late surge was not enough to secure the win, with Fitzgerald taking it by split decision.

Nathan “Short Stack” McLeod def. Erick “Wu-Tang” Valdez

In another even bout, McLeod got to business early with aggressive punches and jabs, but Valdez fended off the former’s attacks to stand his ground. After some coaching, Valdez found a groove at the opening of the second, but he couldn’t slow McLeod down for long. The third was more of the same, with Valdez landing some body jabs and McLeod aiming hooks to the head. Ultimately, McLeod took the bout by split decision.

Luke “Mantequilla” Slahor def. Scott “Mr. Clean” Weitman

Senior club captain Slahor quickly took control of the first round in this bout landing few but tactical punches. With a more dominant stance, “Mantequilla” sealed the deal in the second round, forcing several counts on “Mr. Clean.” Slahor won by unanimous decision after a referee stoppage in the third round.

Noah “Bingus” Mader def. Elliot “The Lake” Como

Both boxers hesitated to throw the first punch and danced around the ring for a bit until Mader landed a hard hit. Mader subsequently ended the round with an offensive attack. Como reset in the second but couldn’t get away from Mader’s right hook. Mader got Como into the corner to end the second, much to the delight of a boisterous crowd for “Bingus.” After pushing “The Lake” on the back of his heels for most of the third, Mader won by unanimous decision.

Alex “JackPotts” Potts def. Vinny “Cold Cut” Galassi

After a slow start, Potts found a window to land a series of jabs one right after another. Potts didn’t let up, leaving Galassi with little time to recuperate in the first round. “Cold Cut” was ready for the second round, putting “JackPotts” on the defensive for the first time. But the latter steadily regained control in front of a massive crowd. Some hesitation from Galassi left the door wide open for Potts to win by unanimous decision.

Graham “El Toro” McColgan def. Richard “The Lionheart” Graf

The first round of this bout between two Sorin boxers was all McColgan. “El Toro” swung and landed most of his hits. Graf barely had time to swing in the second before McColgan pushed him into the ropes and almost to the ground. Even with a bloody nose, McColgan continued his rampage. Neither boxer held anything back in the final round, and “El Toro” took the win home by unanimous decision.

Mitchell “Downtown” Brown def. Sean “Wheezy” McAleer

Both boxers came out swinging early, with McAleer having a slight advantage in terms of significant strikes. The highlight moment of this round came when a right hook from “Wheezy” caused Brown to stumble before recovering. Despite bleeding in the first round, “Downtown” came out in the second with newfound energy, landing many body and head shots. Entering the third round with the result undecided, both boxers had something to prove. While Brown exited the fight more bloody than his opponent, he edged out an impressive split-decision victory.

Yanni “Quadzilla” Vu def. Kyle “Rub” Pulido

With an onslaught of body shots, Vu looked to tire his opponent early in the first. However, composure from “Rub” Pulido allowed him to hammer Vu with many upper body hooks. Pulido continued to show discipline in the second, backing Vu into a corner before being separated by the referee. After a close third round where ‘Quadzilla’ landed many headshots, the judge called a split-decision victory for Vu.

Nicholas “Nick” Buhay def. Jack “Post” Malone

Nicholas “Nick” Buhay took the first round in this bout after quick feet and hands allowed him to effectively strike his opponent while slipping most punches. Despite a valiant effort from “Post” Malone, Buhay continued to display his dominance in the second round, landing a variety of strikes that left “Post” with a bloody nose. The third round was split in terms of strikes landed for both fighters. But Buhay took this contest by unanimous decision.

Mitch “Mr. Snowman” MacDonald def. Noah “The Manic Hispanic” Baca

In a close first round, MacDonald showed his composure, landing many hits to the head of Baca. “Mr. Snowman” continued to get the better of his opponent, with Baca on the back heel for the majority of the second round. Determined to turn the tide of the bout, “The Manic Hispanic” exited the final round with many significant strikes landed. However, MacDonald took the win after a consistent display of excellence throughout the fight.

Kevin “For The Brand” Stein def. Daniel “The Rocketman” Mooney

After a long wait to begin the fight, Stein came running into the ring to avoid being disqualified before the bout started. But Stein was ready once he stepped into the ring, showboating after landing numerous hits in the first round on Mooney. On the front foot entering the second round, “For The Brand” continued to display his dominance with a series of shots to the head of Mooney. Despite an attempt to come back in the third, “The Rocketman” was unable to return the hooks that “For The Bran” was laying onto him. Stein brought the unanimous decision victory back to the O’.

Matthew “Two Cup” Turzai def. Matheson “Schlime” McCune

“Two Cup” Turzai came into the ring guns blazing from the gold corner, forcing an eight-count in the first few seconds of the bout. The Pittsburgh native continued to work the levels, landing jabs and hooks both to the body and head of his opponent McCune. “Two Cup” continued the onslaught of punches in the second round, pushing “Schlime” into the ropes and resulting in an early end to the bout. Turzai was declared the winner by a referee stop contest.

“Average” Joe Rozgonyi def. “Wham Bam” Cameron Hagy

Stepping out to chants of “Let’s go Joe,” namesake “Average” Joe Rozgonyi landed the first punches. Hagy made an effort to keep out of striking distance, but Rozgonyi still connected with several measured jabs and hooks. “Wham Ba”’ turned up the counterattack in round two, but “Average” responded stronger, resulting in two eight-counts and sending Hagy toppling over. Both boxers sent fists flying in the final round, but “Average” found the target with accuracy and power, ultimately winning the bout by unanimous decision.

“The Real Big” Mike Guyette def. Dante “The Inferno” Gardini 

Though he did not quite descend to the ninth circle, Dante “The Inferno” Gardini withstood some heat from Guyette. Gardini slid in a few jabs, but Guyette kept him on the defensive with repeated bursts of offensive combos that jostled his opponent’s red headgear. By unanimous decision, “The Real Big” took home the victory.

Chris “The Delco Destroyer” Zack def. PJ “Northside” Summers

Roving the ring in a pair of nonchalant Nike sneakers,” Zack started the round with several heavy-handed hooks. Summers answered with some jabs of his own, but “The Delco Destroyer” and his nearly automatic right hook proved punishing. Though he walked out of the ring nose bloodied, Zack won the bout by unanimous decision.

Charlie “Scro” Fredian def. Brooks “Reds” McConnell

Fredian and Brooks met in the ring with impressive agility and movement around the ring. When “Scro” landed a punch, fans could hear his sharp contact from across Dahnke Ballroom. The fight continued with lightning-quick hands and ample slips, fakes and fades from both sides. Fredian solidified the upper hand in the third round, winning the bout by split decision.

Charles “Attilio” Martin def. Brendan “Classic” McGinn

In a bout characterized by powerful punches from both sides, Martin generated a strong offense right away. “Attilio” frequently stepped into striking distance with a barrage of punches, rendering McGinn unable to fire back. In the final round, “Classic” gave Martin a run for his money, but it wasn’t enough to split the decision. “Attilio” won the bout unanimously.

Patrick “PSweet” Sweet def. Matthew “Big Chief” Daly  

Daly had a distinct height and reach advantage, but Sweet managed the challenge strategically, punching at an angle and leaping quickly out of reach. “PSweet” connected with his opponent’s body and chin, while “Big Chief” countered with pendulum-like swings. Sweet continued to find Daly’s headgear in the final round, earning a unanimous victory.

Nolan “Toothless” Lyon def. Liam “Young Blood” Emerick

Moving quickly from body to head, Lyon berated Emerick with punches early. “Toothless” moved quickly, leaving Emerick unsure where to keep his hands to defend. The unflagging attack from Lyon gave “Young Blood” the opportunity to land a few jabs. But that effort would not be enough. Out of the blue corner, “Toothless” won the bout by unanimous decision.

Bobby “Sweet Bobby Ray” Fitzpatrick def. Aldo “Modelo” Plascencia

Unlike the barbecue sauce, “Sweet Bobby Ray” and his punches were more spicy than sweet. Plascencia faced a slew of sharp and technical jabs from Fitzpatrick. “Modelo” threw more in the second round, but “Sweet Bobby Ray” adjusted to leap out of reach and land several of his own clean hits. Fitzpatrick dominated the third round, securing his unanimous victory.

Nirajan “One Punch” Koirala def. Theo “Pacman” Pacchiana

Fighting fire with fire, Koirala and Pacchiana both wanted to be the most aggressive boxer in the ring. The duo continued to swing and lap the ring, but “Pacman” began to show signs of fatigue at the end of the second round. Favoring hooks, “One Punch” controlled the floor in the final round and won the bout by split decision.

Chris Myint def. Ralphy “Cuba Libre” Rodriguez 

Myint started the bout with a lot of aggression, focusing on hyper-fast body shots and uppercuts. “Cuba Libre” refused to cave to the ambush, throwing his own punches back at Myint. Both sides absorbed a lot of heavy punches, but Myint held his competitive edge, winning the bout by unanimous decision.

Raleigh “Silver” Bulleit def. Brendan “Beebs” Bwyer 

“Silver” Bulleit shot off continual punches in round one while Bwyer maintained a fortress-like shell of protection. “Beebs” succumbed to pressure as the bout went on, and Bulleit imposed repeated eight-counts. “Silver” Bulleit perfected his hook by the final round, earning a decisive victory by unanimous decision.

William “Heinsberg” White def. Sebastian “Ace” Villa 

Villa showed his hand immediately upon the opening bell, slipping punches from “Heinberg” and quickly counterattacking. Simultaneously, White threaded Villa’s gloves, placing several punches to the head. The two battled through all three rounds, slowing from fatigue by the final round and counteracting each other’s punches. In the end, persistence from “Heinberg” made him the victor by split decision.