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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
The Observer

Scene at the Schubas: Felix Rabito/Saint Dismas, The Trenchies and The Meeks

Meg Hammond
Meg Hammond

Where: The Schubas Tavern, Chicago, Illinois.

When: Saturday, Feb. 12, 2023.

What: The scene has reunited.

It has been almost two years since Felix Rabito/Saint Dismas, The Trenchies and The Meeks, pivotal members of Notre Dame’s music scene, have played a show together. Of course, life has scattered the members across the country post-graduation, so their triple-bill reunion show was something that couldn’t have been missed.


The Meeks (the band formerly known as The Shifties) radiated sonic energy throughout the Schubas Tavern. Sporting his iconic blue jumpsuit, Michael “Donny” Donovan (‘20), former Scene Editor and WVFI Station Manager, graced the stage with his natural wit and charming charisma. Now based in Brooklyn, The Meeks have taken shape with the band consisting of John King wiggling the strings, Ava Mullen on the kit and Liam McCarthy on the bass. Coining himself the Brooklyn-based yodeler, Donovan has perfected his sound, allowing him to articulate feelings of love, loss and yearning perfectly. The Meeks’ premiere album “Houseplants” is a dynamic debut, featuring songs for every occasion: from crying into your soup to avoiding overthinking. The setlist was perfectly balanced with toe-tapping songs to not-too-melancholic ballads, energizing your spirit with each note. Donovan and his crew were the perfect start to an evening filled with good friends and even better music. The Meeks are the next big thing.


Up next were The Trenchies, an up-and-coming Chicago-based quartet featuring Claire King (‘21) on the bass, Thomas Weiss (‘20) on the drums, Andrew Pridemore shredding lead guitar and Logan Ludwig as the frontman. During her time at Notre Dame, King was a part of the Basement Boxers, a staple of the house show circuit, and it was exciting to see her partake in her new musical endeavor. The Trenchies have a distinct sound, perfecting intricate instrumental arrangements with vocals reminiscent of the Talking Heads. Their set was electric from start to finish, featuring their first single “Life Preserver,” hinting at more to come. Keep your eye out for more music because it will be epic.


The headlining performance of the evening was by Felix Rabito (‘20) and Saint Dismas which consist of Weiss (from the Trenchies), Josh Morgenlander (‘20) and Teddy Tietze. Rabito and the boys always put on an incredible show full of passion and joy. Remembering the days when he’d be looking to borrow someone’s ukulele and recruiting friends to play the trumpet, it was heartwarming to see him on stage with his band and ripping the electric ukulele. Playing hits like “Bread” and “Kombucha Blues,” it was amazing to feel the energy in the room rise as everyone started to sing along. Between Rabito’s organic stage presence and undeniable talent, there is no question that he has become a star. The Schubas show was a way to not only play music but also bring together the community which has made his musical career a reality.

It was a night to remember, and an evening that brought the Scene back together.