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Monday, March 4, 2024
The Observer

The Notre Dame dorm personality test

Maria Dach | The Observer
Maria Dach | The Observer

The most ubiquitous Notre Dame bucket list is to visit all of the 32 residence halls on campus. You could rank food sales run by the dorms, go to Mass in each of the chapels or even participate in every dorm tradition (building boats, enteringpageants, or even gambling). Dorms shape culture on campus, and past writers have imagined the halls as seniors at prom, great metropolises and even preschoolers

This article is the upgraded Buzzfeed quiz, the personality test to put Myers-Briggs to shame: this is the ND Dorm Enneagram. (What follows is extremely unscientific, please do not contact The Observer if you disagree with these characterizations).

The Reformer (1): Ryan Hall 

The rational, idealistic type — principled, purposeful, self-controlled and perfectionistic

Hotel Ryan is one of the most well-maintained dorms. The Wildcats are committed to building awareness for accessibility issues through events like Wheelchair Basketball and Cat Fest. They also have cookies every Tuesday.

The Helper (2): Dillon Hall 

The caring, interpersonal type — demonstrative, generous, people-pleasing and possessive

From hosting its signature Thursday night Milkshake Mass to the LGBTQ+ Mass, Dillon opens its arms to everyone on campus to enjoy their lively music and sweet treats. Just don’t ask them what’s on the fourth floor (it’s not an attic apparently). 

The Achiever (3): Pasquerilla West Hall

The success-oriented, pragmatic type — adaptive, excelling, driven and image-conscious

P-Dub, this year’s winner of Women’s Hall of the Year, embodies the achiever — they adapted one of their study rooms into a wellness room because balance is key. Mod Quad is prime real estate and allows P-Dub girls to get everything done, from studying in NDH, socializing at Hes and everything in between. 

The Individualist (4): Lyons Hall

The sensitive, withdrawn types — expressive, dramatic, self-absorbed and tempermental

Most people know the beautiful arch of romance lore, but Lyons is not just a pretty face. It’s great for moody times as well with its serene views of the lake, the ominous stuffed lion on the first floor and the option to live in the basement.

The Investigator (5): Carroll Hall

The intense, cerebral type — perceptive, innovative, secretive and isolated

To the outsider, Carroll seems rather cultish … Imagine agreeing to bleach your hair just to fit in with some guys you just met, but that’s probably what living in isolation on the outskirts of campus does to you. 

The Loyalist (6): Keenan Hall

The committed, security-oriented type — engaging, responsible, anxious and suspicious

When they’re not keeping everyone well-fed with Zaland, the Keenan Knights are busy defending their shared chapel and lounge (you would too if your rival lived next door). That doesn’t mean they can’t have fun though, who else but the Loyalists would host one of ND’s most beloved traditions, the Keenan Revue?

The Enthusiast (7): O’Neill Family Hall

The busy, fun-loving type — spontaneous, versatile, distractible and scattered

The O’Neill Angry Mob is fun-loving (with nicknames for every resident) and is often the place where many first-years get their first taste of college life. They love a performative streak — they had their own AcoustiCafe night this year, and they host the Miss ND pageant.

The Challenger (8): Lewis Hall

The powerful, dominating type — self-confident, decisive, willful and confrontational

Lewis is one of the biggest women’s halls, and the original Chicks were multitasking nuns pursuing graduate degrees. Now they’re the girls who host hundreds of students at midnight for LHOP and have the best community with their six-chick rooms.

The Peacemaker (9): Knott Hall

The easygoing, self-effacing type — receptive, reassuring, agreeable and complacent

The men of Knott have some middling food sales like Waffle Wednesdays, defunct traditions (Is AquaKnott still a thing?) and, despite their irrelevance, they’re always trying to insert themselves in the PE-PW rivalry (Knott Hall, Knott Hall!).