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Monday, May 27, 2024
The Observer

Knott Dog Eating Contest supports Michiana Ronald McDonald House

Knott Hall organized the first annual Knott Dog Eating Contest Friday on South Quad.

For anyone wondering how many hot dogs they could eat in one sitting, Knott Hall’s new signature event provided a place for students to find an answer. The first annual Knott Dog Eating Contest materialized on South Quad Friday with students serving hot dogs in support of a good cause.

Anthony Travlos, Knott Hall co-president, talked about the origins of the event.

“Our big thing for the presidency this year was we wanted to put Knott on the map,” Travlos said. “The event has really raised a lot of people’s spirits and that’s what we’re all about. We’ve raised at least $1,000, so we’re super happy about it.”

The contest was organized with the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Michiana in mind. At zero cost to the families it serves, the charity offers families, whose children are in the hospital for a prolonged stay, a place to get a good night’s sleep and a hot meal just steps away from the hospital.

Since opening more than two decades ago, the organization has served thousands of families with their 15,000-square-foot house, which boasts 20 bedrooms, according to the organization's website.

Dressed in a hot dog costume, Knott Hall junior Patrick Divis said he was feeling good after competing and added that he was excited about the event’s purpose.

“I got five dogs down, but that doesn’t really matter at this point," Divis said. “It's for charity, it's for a good cause and it was great to see the whole dorm out here.”

To compete, students could pay $5 and see how fast they could eat 15 hot dogs. If people didn't want to compete, they could pay $5 for unlimited hot dogs.

For every hot dog eaten as part of the competition, Knott Hall donated an additional $3. After costs, all proceeds were donated to the Ronald McDonald House Charities of Michiana.

While few were able to get near the goal of 15 hot dogs eaten, freshman Elwin Serrao ended up with an impressive seven hot dogs consumed.

“I wasn’t even planning on competing, but I ended up with seven hot dogs,” Serrao said. “I feel kind of bad right now after eating all of that, but it was for a good cause.”

The event also drew crowds from plenty of dorms outside of Knott Hall. Fisher Hall freshman Bobby Munhall said it was great to get outside on a nice day and eat a dog for a good cause.

“I honestly had no idea this was happening, I just saw it on my way to the dining hall and figured I’d check it out,” Munhall said. “I think that’s what's great about Notre Dame — there’s always stuff going on.”