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Monday, May 27, 2024
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Bengal Bouts: Ring B quarterfinal results

Notre Dame's University Boxing Championships return for 2024

The 94th Annual Bengal Bouts Tournament commenced Thursday at Notre Dame’s Dahnke Ballroom. Here's an overview of the quarterfinal results from Ring B.

Kevin “For The Brand” Stein def. Matt “Amore” Kavanaugh 

In the first fight of the night in Ring B, Kavanaugh got in the first few punches, but the fight remained evenly matched until Stein pushed Kavanaugh into the corner. They danced around the ring for a while with neither taking full control until Stein began to wear Kavanaugh out. Stein landed more punches, but Kavanaugh stuck through it. Kavanaugh came out swinging, pushing Stein around the ring. Stein’s height advantage played a factor later in the match, but Kavanaugh kept landing punches, and the two finally had to be separated for the first time in the third round. Stein would win by unanimous decision.

Nicholas “Nick” Buhay def. Br. John Baptist “The Monk” Santa Ana

To start off the fight, Buhay landed a few punches, but Santa Ana kept his hands up, delivering some good hits until his helmet was checked by the referee. Buhay pushed Santa Ana into the corner to end the first round. With Buhay continuing to land hits to the head, Santa Ana’s helmet was checked three times in the second round. Santa Ana guided the movement around the ring, while Buhay continued to land hit after hit. Santa Ana landed a few hits, but in the end, Buhay continued to control the fight. Buhay would win by unanimous decision.

Brooks “BMC” McConnell def. Nicholas “Free Bird” Dodig

Dodig kept McConnell on his toes throughout the fight with a strategy of circling his opponent. However, McConnell landed most of the big hits in the first round. At the start of the second round, McConnell continued to deliver body blows, while Dodig made contact with McConnell’s head. Both competitors seemed to stick with their respective strategies, their heights likely leading to their decision-making. Dodig’s reach helped him mostly keep McConnell away. However, McConnell was undeterred and worked hard to land blows on his opponent until the last bell. McConnell would win by split by decision.

Niko “KO” Tarasenko def. Will “Ogre Hours” O’Neill

Tarasenko came out swinging, but O’Neill wrapped him up quickly three times, causing the referee to intercede. It was a fast-paced fight early, but it slowed down as the first round came to a close. The intensity continued for the second round as the fighters got wrapped up a few more times. Tarasenko started to show a bit of an edge, landing a few head shots, while O’Neill focused on landing body blows. Tarasenko eventually earned a few strong, loud hits on O’Neill, driving him into the corner to end the third round with a standing eight count. Tarasenko would win by unanimous decision.

Felix “Mardi Graze” Smolen def. David “DLM” LaMaster

As the match began, LaMaster fired the first punch, but Smolen followed shortly after. Both parties proceeded to engage in a circling strategy at the beginning of the first round, with Smolen making some key, steadfast hits as the round came to a close. Smolen used this momentum to begin the second round, while LaMaster attempted to capitalize on a defensive strategy. While Smolen remained hungry and energetic, LaMaster would not go down without a fight. In the final round of the match, LaMaster, fueled with late-game adrenaline, pounced on Smolen. But Smolen remained capable of outlasting LaMaster as time dwindled. Smolen would win by unanimous decision.

William “A.I.” Johnson def. Christian “Italian Station” Keane

Both parties came out swinging tenaciously, with freshman Johnson capitalizing on the momentum from sidelined friends to challenge Keane, a senior. However, Keane remained unphased, returning almost every punch that Johnson threw in the first round. By the end of the first, the match looked to be about even. As the second round commenced, Johnson fired the first punch and maintained his intensity, but Keane did just the same. However, as the second round came to a close, Johnson seemed to find a second gear, backing Keane into a corner and taking control. The third round proved to be a thriller, with Keane determined to come back. The intensity remained for the duration of the round from both sides, with a slew of punches thrown from each party. The exciting match was reflected in the outcome, with a split decision ultimately called by the judges. In the end, it was the fierce Johnson who managed to defeat the older Keane. Johnson would win by split decision.

Emilio “Smooth Operator” Fernandez def. Alex “The Great” Aragon

Fernandez of Keough Hall came out of the gate firing punches, but Aragon managed to return them with fury and force as the match began. Fernandez remained light-footed in the first round, continuously swinging high and aiming for Aragon’s head and jaw area. The referee had to separate the two at one point, but it only made Fernandez hungrier to punch away. The second round began in a headlock, with Fernandez asserting dominance by continuing to employ a relentless, offensive strategy throughout this round and the last. The match had to be paused at one point to account for a spontaneous bloody nose from Aragon, yet he proved himself hard-headed and persistent to combat Fernandez’s sharp shots. Nonetheless, the attempt was a fruitless one. Fernandez would win by unanimous decision.

Sean “Milk” Mullen def. “Petty” Rich Graf

Mullen, the Morrissey Manor senior, certainly came out swinging, knocking Graf down within the first 20 seconds of the match. However, the Sorin senior shot up quickly and put the fall behind him, consequently enacting a series of hits that Mullen then returned with force and vengeance. The second round saw a hungry Graf leap forward immediately to fire against Mullen, but Mullen returned the same level of intensity. Two headlocks paused the round momentarily, with Mullen asserting offensive control as the round concluded. Kicking off the third and final round, Graf attempted to work the outside and leverage on his opponent, but the attempt came much too late. Mullen would win by unanimous decision. 

Rob “The Voodoo Ranger” Rucki def. Jake “Long John Silvers” Loughran

The senior Rucki remained calm and steady in his attack as the match began, but the freshman Loughran returned the intensity, even managing to supersede. Backing Rucki into the blue corner as the first round wrapped up, Loughran gained control of the match. Rucki remained determined to fight back as the second round began, but Loughran was calm and unphased. Both parties sought the offensive strategy, and Rucki ultimately made up significant ground as the second round closed out, making consecutive, key punches. When the third round arrived, it was anyone’s match to take. Loughran seemed determined to regain his dominant position from the beginning stages of the match, firing high hits over Rucki throughout the final round. Ultimately, though, the veteran was able to retain enough control to finalize the decision. Rucki would win by split decision. 

Justin “Slim Reaper” Darwin def. Steven “El Chucho” Vanden Noven

Sophomore Vanden Noven came out swinging high and quick, and senior Darwin took the underhand as the match began. The intensity simmered down midway through the first round before firing right back up late into the first. Blue backed gold into a corner and made crucial hits as the first round closed out. As the second round started up, Darwin capitalized on previous momentum to decidedly knock Vanden Noven back a notch. The round ended similarly to its start, with Darwin employing the offensive on Vanden Noven and hooking the sophomore. The final round, while exciting in nature, proved a repeat of round two, as Darwin remained steadfast in his efforts. Darwin would win by unanimous decision. 

Kamsi “K.O.” Ejike def. Frank “Libero” Paquette

Senior Frank Paquette and freshman Kasmi Ejike came out swinging, but both were unsuccessful in landing early punches. From there, Ejike came on the attack, but both tired out by the end of round one. The second round featured much of the same. Blue started to land some jabs, but his punches were unsuccessful. Towards the end of the round, the referee had to break up the two so the fighting did not extend after the time. In the third round, blue came out swinging and found some new strength. After a barrage of punches, Paquette skillfully dodged a hook from Ejike, closing out three well-fought rounds. Ejike would win by split decision.  

Will “Sleepy Time” Robbins def. Graham “Bam” Doman

Junior Will Robbins and freshman Graham Doman started the fight with a lot of energy. Robbins put Doman on the ropes early, but after a series of jabs, Doman moved out of the corner. The second round opened with a great punch from Robbins, but Doman slowly pushed him back. Both fighters moved swiftly around the ring throughout the remainder of the round, showing some signs of exhaustion. In the third round, Doman opened up with some newfound strength before a series of swings back and forth closed it out. Robbins would win by unanimous decision.  

Erick “Wutang Warrior” Valdez def. Gavin “The Beard” Carr

Junior Erick Valdez came out strong and successfully landed multiple strong right hooks. However, junior Gavin Carr was not deterred and responded with a strong left punch. In the second round, both fighters showed great stamina as they moved around the ring. Both sides landed punches throughout the round. In the third round, Valdez put Carr in a corner early, but Carr responded with a punch that caused the referee to check on Valdez. Valdez would win by unanimous decision.  

Damien “Sauce of the Month” Sylva def. Andrew “No Shoes, No Swartz, No Service” Swartz

In the first round, senior Damien Sylva possessed the upper hand and started out on the attack. While Swartz had a longer reach, Sylva continued to push through and eventually landed a punch that made the referee check on Swartz. The first round ended with a barrage of punches from Sylva. The second round featured mostly the same. Sylva continued on the attack, and the referees once again had to check on Swartz. In the final round, Swartz successfully maneuvered around the ring but was unable to land any punches. Sylva would win by unanimous decision. 

Logan “Grizzly” Bayer def. Andres Mejia

Both boxers came out with lots of energy, with Bayer slightly controlling the opening seconds. The first round would remain close throughout with neither boxer getting much separation. A big head shot from Mejia landed early in round two, although Bayer quickly worked him against the ropes twice in response. Neither boxer was tired at the start of the final round, with Bayer once again pushing Mejia into the corner. Mejia did briefly get Bayer off balance, but the two ended the bout tangled together. Bayer would win by split decision.

John Christoforetti def. Ethan Hoying

Both boxers came out with energy, but there was definitely an early feeling-out period. Christoforetti landed the first series of blows, but Hoying responded with some body shots and well-timed dodges. Christoforetti came out on the offensive in the second round, but Hoying quickly countered, backing him against the ropes. Christoforetti landed a thunderous attack in the third round that forced a count. Christoforetti then continued to land punches up high. Christoforetti would win by unanimous decision.

Ryan Hersey def. Kevin Sanchez-Hernandez

Hersey came out on the attack, but Sanchez-Hernandez immediately matched his fervor. Hersey was able to land several head shots even when Sanchez-Hernandez had him against the ropes. Hersey connected on some close-range jabs quickly in the second round but also missed on some big attempts as well. Sanchez-Hernandez landed an uppercut early in the third round. It was a bout with a lot of clinches, and, in the end, a bout that favored Hersey. Hersey would win by unanimous decision.

Henry Phillips def. Scott Weitman

Neither boxer landed much for the first 20 seconds or so. Weitman delivered the first few body blows, doing a good job of getting Phillips in a defensive spot. But Phillips connected with several big swings near the end of the round to gain momentum. Phillips carried that into round two, although Weitman did a nice job keeping his hands up to limit the damage. Weitman was a bit off-balance in the back half of the round, although he prevented Phillips from taking over. Weitman came out swinging in the final round, but he stumbled again, leading to a count. A late attack by Phillips led to a second count and helped him secure the victory. Phillips would win by split decision.

Jackson “Amo” Amorosa def. Lukas “Tree Hugger” Villalba

Villalba had the early edge in this showdown, working Amorosa against the ropes quite a bit. However, Amorosa quickly turned up the heat, leading to a count for Villalba. Amorosa landed several head shots immediately after, forcing a second count seconds later. Amorosa used his reach to keep Villalba at bay. Another count was needed in the second round. The contest was stopped after that by the referee, with the victory awarded to Amorosa.

Matthew “Two Cup” Turzai def. Eamon “For Your Face” Nussbaum

Turzai pummeled Nussbaum with several body shots seconds into the match. Another quick hit sent Nussbaum into a count. Turzai had the upper hand throughout the first round and largely controlled the second, albeit in less dominant fashion. Turzai never let Nussbaum get going offensively, securing the victory. Turzai would win by unanimous decision.

Andrew “Cowboy” Foote def. Jacob “Rock ‘em Sock ‘em” Cruz

Foote had the first big flurry on the bout, working Cruz against the ropes several times in the opening seconds. He continued to do so throughout the first round while also blocking most of Cruz’s attempts. Foote came out flying in round two, once again backing Cruz down before he knew what hit him. Cruz did land some jabs with his back against the ropes, but Foote dictated the tempo. The third round offered more of the same, as Foote bulldozed his way to a victory. Foote would win by unanimous decision.

Isaac “Ice” Culp def. Chris “Caveman” Ayres

Culp looked strong out of the gates, landing blows to the chest and head. Ayres quickly turned the tables, backing Culp into a defensive position and connecting on several jabs. Culp once again started strong in round two, this time doing a better job of sustaining his efforts. Both boxers left their all in the ring during an even third round. Ultimately, Culp would win by unanimous decision.

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