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Friday, June 14, 2024
The Observer


Saint Mary's SGA hosts ‘Bridgerton’ period party

Late Monday afternoon, Rice Commons was decorated with reds and pinks. While some might think it was for the upcoming Valentine’s Day, these decorations were actually for the Student Government Association’s ‘Bridgerton’ Time Period Party.

The social concerns committee of the SGA hosted this party as a time to bring attention and normalize talking more about periods. Co-chair for the social concerns committee, Katie Hunter, spoke more about what the event entailed and what they hoped students took away from the event. 

“We thought it was really really important to highlight supporting women, normalizing stuff that’s a normal body function, and we felt that it was really important for our student body to be appreciated and be able to realize that they are normal and they are accepted,” she said.

Hunter explained how the party theme was similar to a tea party with tea, hot chocolate and red and pink candy. The party also featured tote bag giveways, prizes for “period bingo” and free period products, Hunter said.

Additionally at today’s event, students had the opportunity to write postcards to Congress regarding the period tax, also known as the tampon tax

“That’s something that effects women worldwide. Tampons are not a luxury, they’re a necessity,” Hunter said. “The fact that they’re taxed as a luxury product is a little bit crazy so we’re writing letters to Congress hoping to try to change that.”

The Period party also featured a local small business called Monthlies, a period product subscription service started by tri-campus students.

Katie Cole, a Holy Cross College alumna and co-owner, discussed the business and how it related to the concept of the period party. 

“It’s a personalized period product box that you can get delivered to your door for free. Basically, it allows you to mix and match name brand products because we know that they can be really hard to get on campus sometimes,” she said.

Cole further explained the motivation behind the company and the lack of accesible products in the tri-campus.

“We started this because we found students like ourselves, I graduated from Holy Cross, it was really hard to get products. Holy Cross only had two products, the Huddle at Notre Dame only has two products and no real store in walking distance if you need something last minute or to stock up,” Cole said.

”We want something that can be delivered right to your dorm. We have some tri-campus subscribers and others in different states that we ship out,” she said.

Attendee Olivia McCormack said she came to the event after seeing the advertising all over campus.

“I missed it last year and it looked really fun. I think there will be so many things I learn from bingo and the decorations are so cute,” McCormack said. 

Hunter said that this was their goal, to have everyone come out of this experience having learned more.

“I hope they come out with body positivity, feeling good about themselves and give you a little more education,” she said.

Hunter also made note of the Aunt Flow products available on Saint Mary's campus now. 

“If you can’t afford period products or if you just run out, all buildings on campus have Aunt Flow products that are completely free for students,” Hunter said.

In the near future, Hunter said the social concerns committee will continue to put on events including Denim Day and Love Your Body Week.