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Friday, Feb. 23, 2024
The Observer


Sick season

Dear Reader,

How have you been? I thought I could take a moment out of your busy schedule to let you in on what I’ve been doing since the last time we talked. So if you’ve got a minute, I’d love to chat.

Last week, Noah Kahan lost Best New Artist at the Grammys. I got the flu. Definitely not the most ideal start to a new month, but life can be like that sometimes and we just have to persevere. If my calculations are correct, I haven't had the flu since elementary school, but that does not ignore the fact that my immune system is definitely on the weaker side and I come down with some type of illness several times a year. The bug has been going around, so as soon as I felt like I was simultaneously trapped inside a sauna and an igloo, I knew it got me. I found the nearest thermometer and the number 103 stared at me dead in the eyes.


You would think spending the week quarantining would be a bummer, and at times, it definitely felt like that, but luckily I wasn’t the only roommate who got hit with good old influenza. Our dorm was parallel to an infirmary with all of us coughing and sweating, but we found the silver lining and made the most out of the situation. We passed the time by eating high quantities of chicken noodle soup, and I’ve got to say Noodles & Company takes the cake as my personal favorite, with Chick-fil-A falling in close second. Many movies were watched as well, with the newest rendition of “West Side Story” making me tear up several times. Now musicals have been playing through my headphones all week as I reminisce on the two years I spent as a theater kid. I'm looking for a local show to go see, so if you have any recommendations please send them my way.

We also completely revamped our room, partially out of boredom and partially because the feng shui was off. (I just learned the definition of that term, apologies if I used it incorrectly.) Moving everything around was kind of a pain, and I still don’t know how there isn’t an easier way to loft a bed, but it was also oddly bittersweet. For what it’s worth I’ve had a fairly positive experience living in the dorms, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about having more space and getting to shop at Trader Joe's every week. It is my happy place after all. 

At present, I am back in action attending classes. However, my sore throat still lingers and whenever I need to cough in public I get embarrassed. I might need to load up on a few more packs of cough drops. I don’t have any plans for Super Bowl Sunday yet but I’m really looking forward to it, specifically the halftime show because the day where I fully understand football has still not come. I’m getting there, I promise. I have a few things in my online shopping cart but am trying to be more frivolous by making sure I find a reason to buy something before I hit purchase. Maybe I’ll give up retail therapy for Lent, but I think TikTok would be more beneficial. I'm trying to use my phone less, you know? I think it’s ruining my brain. On that note, I am also trying to journal more by using the fancy pens with my initials on them as motivation. 

Spring break feels so close, yet so far. Currently, I have plans to ship up to Boston and visit an old friend, however feeling tempted to book a flight somewhere warm. I'm craving the sun and missing my tan.

Thank you for listening to me ramble. Look for the silver linings of winter during the cold months, and if you’re in the mood feel free to message me back.

Drink your electrolytes,


Moira Quinn

Moira Quinn is a junior at Saint Mary's College studying communication. When she isn't writing for The Observer, she can be found with friends, watching a good romantic comedy or missing her basset hound.

The views expressed in this column are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Observer.