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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
The Observer


Students, faculty and community plant 14,000 white flags to honor deceased Palestinian children

On Sunday evening, students, faculty and members of the South Bend community planted 14,000 white flags on North Quad, situated between Farley Hall and Zahm Hall. The display was organized to commemorate the lives of Palestinian children who have perished in the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Accompanying the sea of white flags were signs indicating their symbolism of the lives lost. Flyers also surrounded the flags and provided statistics on the conflict. A report from the Gaza Health Ministry, published by the United Nations’ relief agency for Palestinian refugees in early March, stated that 12,300 children had been documented as deceased since Oct. 7, 2023.

Moreover, the bottom section of the flyers included the Instagram handle @svpnotredame, which is affiliated with Student Voices for Palestine, a student organization at the University of Notre Dame. Additionally, Occupation Free ND, a non-official Notre Dame club, shared posts about the event.

Occupation Free ND previously shared information about last Thursday's sit-in protest held in front of Morrissey Manor during a celebratory event for University President Fr. John Jenkins.