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Saturday, May 25, 2024
The Observer

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College Democrats: Why you should vote blue this fall

When the blooms and blossoms meet reading days and a fast-approaching commencement, spring is in the air at Notre Dame. As the quads come to life again and the days get warmer, a new test looms over campus. However, this test will come with much higher consequences than any final exam. 

As this school year reaches a close, many at Notre Dame and across our nation look ahead to the upcoming election this fall. This election represents so much more than a division between Democrats or Republicans. Although the candidates remain the same as in 2020, the voters of the United States face an unprecedented decision with democracy hanging in the balance. 

During the four years that every Notre Dame student spends on campus, each student will only have the opportunity to witness one presidential election. On a campus such as Notre Dame, which stresses a commitment to being a force for good, this represents an important opportunity to advocate for the good of all Americans. With political upheaval nearing an apex and our campus nearing the boiling point, this fall will be a crucial time to defend what this University and our country stand for: democracy and justice.

The choice can not be any clearer, a vote for President Joe Biden is a vote for the continuation of American democracy. His opponent, however, has vowed that he will only be a dictator on his first day in office while advertising a platform that would focus on revenge and an expansion of executive power. 

Those who oppose democracy can no longer masquerade behind the guise of politics — they have been caught red-handed trying to steal this country from its people under their unsightly red hats. As members of the Notre Dame family, we owe it to ourselves and our nation to do everything in our power to make certain that Notre Dame flags never again participate in insurrection against the institutions of our country. As champions of democracy, we cannot allow a man with 91 felony counts to serve again in the Oval Office. As students of the nation’s leading Catholic institution, we cannot support a candidate who has grifted the Bible for personal gain and held it upside down for a political stunt. 

Over the last four years, President Biden has continually delivered for the American people. For instance, the Inflation Reduction Act is fighting climate change by boosting domestic green energy production and creating thousands of jobs in the process. Additionally, the CHIPS Act is helping America become a leader in semiconductor manufacturing. The Bipartisan Infrastructure Law is rebuilding our bridges, providing internet access to rural Americans and securing access to clean drinking water. Finally, the Bipartisan Safer Communities Act is increasing support for mental healthcare, school safety and the reduction of gun violence. Democrats are building a brighter America. 

The Democratic Party has delivered wins for ordinary Americans, from reducing drug prices and fighting climate change to protecting civil rights and standing up for democracy at home and abroad. If you stand for these values, it is important to know you are never alone at Notre Dame — 67.3% of students voted for President Biden in 2020. As a club, the College Democrats of Notre Dame support this agenda through our work: organizing voter registration drives on campus, phone banking and talking about policy with students. We believe that democracy works when all are informed and voting to make our voices heard, especially as we face a heated election.

As the South Bend spring turns to summer, and then an undoubtedly contentious fall, where will you stand? Will you stand for democracy and a return to normalcy in American politics? College Democrats of Notre Dame will champion democracy at every turn, we hope that you will too. This election will not be one defined by party, but rather by those who will choose to defend democracy come Election Day. And we welcome all who share in these ideals. 

If you are interested in joining our fight to defend democracy, please come to a meeting or join us in one of many events this fall. We would welcome you to follow the College Democrats of Notre Dame on Instagram @ndcollegedems or email to be added to our mailing list and get involved. If you are interested in promoting these ideals on campus and across the country, please consider supporting the College Democrats on Notre Dame Day.

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