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Monday, May 20, 2024
The Observer


Dunnedance Film Festival showcases student creativity and achievement

A platform for student filmmakers to shine and connect

The Dunnedance Film Festival is a yearly film fest held by Dunne Hall. Dunne puts on the film festival as a social event for students to get together with one another and offers the festival as a way for Dunne residents to make memories and be creative. 

Colin Farrell, a sophomore at Notre Dame, distinguished himself at the event by receiving multiple awards, including Best Short Film. Not only did Farrell participate, but he also served as one of the key organizers of this year's event.

When asked about his reaction to winning the “Best Short Film Award,” Colin Farrell redirected the accolades to his dorm mates, emphasizing their support and contribution to his success.

“This is my love letter to the guys here. I’m just as talented and just as humble as them and they brought me up to be a member of this community. I love these guys,” Farrell said. 

From a young age, Colin Farrell developed a passion for filmmaking, which led him to create short films with friends and family. These projects became a way for him to showcase the skills and knowledge he acquired over the years.

Thanks to his friend “Mega,” who is a charismatic actor, Farrell made sure to feature him prominently in the film.

Farrell generated excitement for the event by producing a short trailer about Dunnedance and sharing it with friends and residents of Dunne Hall. The trailer quickly gained traction across the campus.

His decision to host a film festival, rather than other social activities, was a deliberate move to foster a unique and engaging experience.

“It gives people an opportunity to look back on and reminisce on the memories made after college,” Farrell said. 

The Dunne Film Festival, created by Brian Joseph, has grown significantly in popularity. This year, with Joseph's assistance, the festival was held at the Debartolo Performing Arts Center.