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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
The Observer


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Palestine, non-violent protests and college campus activism


Pro-Palestine encampments on college campuses are being met with police violence, assault and arrests of students. This effective contestation of mainstream political discourse on the Israel-Palestine conflict has encouraged a more contextually nuanced understanding of the issue in the West.


Not being afraid to 'eff it up'


Everyone knows the first rule of improvisational comedy, but the second is just as important, Joy Agwu writes in her final column.


Ça va? Ça va.


A look into an everyday call and response that most of us do not even think about.

hitler for the observer.jpeg

Watch out for Hitler


Why shouldn't we permit state violence and imperialism in our name? Why should we care about the moral life of the state?

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The complexity of simplicity


The truth of the matter is this: the key to happiness, the fountain of joy, the secret ingredient to the perfect life, is vexingly simple. This is a harrowingly complex fact to accept.