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Monday, Feb. 26, 2024
The Observer

Tastes Like Failure' a failure

I am writing in light of the recent "Tastes Like Failure" comic strip that was unfortunately published on Oct. 10. I know you are probably getting flooded with letters regarding the subject, which, I must say, I am proud of.

What I am not proud of, however, are the two students who took it upon themselves to publish such an insulting article. As I'm sure you may know, as a Saint Mary's student, I feel the need to defend this wonderful school. This is an establishment full of smart, independent, strong-willed, intelligent and intellectual women. We are well aware of the long-standing joke that Saint Mary's women are stupid, slutty and cheap. Let me take this opportunity to say that this joke can easily be proved wrong.

In each of my classes, when we are encouraged to debate and discuss (bear in mind most of us are freshmen), there is no hesitation in sharing our opinion, analyzing a piece of literature or debating on the best way to solve a calculus equation. I have only been at this school for two months, and I must say that I have no idea how the stupid, slutty stereotype got started.

Perhaps the writers of "Tastes Like Failure" should spend a week on the Saint Mary's campus, talk to a multitude of students from different years and backgrounds, and then perhaps re-examine why they chose to publish that comic strip. I hope that every letter you and they receive in response to that heinous comic "tastes like failure" because that's all they should taste, and they should be ashamed of themselves if they are proud of this failure. Give Saint Mary's the recognition the school, faculty and students deserve.

Katie Shea


Regina Hall

Oct. 13