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Thursday, June 13, 2024
The Observer

Bengal Bouts: Preliminaries, 166 pounds

Jack "The Ripper" Healy def. Trevor "The Combine" Menke

Healy came out strong after the opening bell and put Menke on his heels. However, Menke stuck in amidst the fray and landed some shots of his own. The second round was dead even as each was able to get in good shots in the exchanges. At the start of the third, Healy came out firing with a fury of lightning-quick combos and knocked Menke down. Although bloodied, Healy managed the rest of the third and won by unanimous decision.

Michael "Caveman" Abercrombie def. Mick "Lovin'" Madden

Each boxer showed his strategy in the first round when each went directly for power punches over his opponent's head. Neither boxer focused on defense in a heavily offensive fight. The junior Madden pinned Abercrombie against the ropes during the second round, but the sophomore easily jumped back out to establish his dominance in the ring. Madden protected himself well, but could not get the hits in he needed to for securing the win. In the final seconds, Abercrombie threw combination punches that led to his unanimous victory.

Jason "Pretty Boy" Miller def. Michael Savage

Miller came out of the gates on fire, immediately putting Savage on the mat. Savage recovered however and came back with a flurry of his own. In the second, Savage switched roles and came out as the aggressor. But Miller was able to turn it around again and put Savage back on the ropes. Through a steady barrage by both boxers in the third, Miller outlasted Savage's return and claimed the victory in a split decision on the scorecard.

Nicholas Severyn def. Corey Scott

In the first round, the junior Severyn went for Scott's head and body. The sophomore had the upper hand after the first round because of a powerful right hook shot that caught Severyn as the bell was about to ring. In the second round, the fight changed in favor of Severyn, a lead he held for the duration of the remaining two rounds based on his ability to effectively utilize his own powerful right hook. After a close fight, Severyn won in a split decision.

Robert Manfreda def. Thomas "The Tank Engine" Dybicz

The first round consisted of a constant exchange between the two, each matching the other blow for blow. After Manfreda landed a few solid blows to the head, Dybicz was bloodied and slowed down. But in the third, neither fighter did much to separate himself on the scorecard, and the decision was left to the judges. On the scorecard, Manfreda was named the victor by split decision in what was one of the closest matches of the day.

David "Mountain Man" Cray def. Dan "Cha-Ching" Jasinski

Cray saved the best for last in his defeat of Jasinski. The junior used the strategy of going directly for Jasinski's head, hoping to send his opponent into an early daze he could not escape from. Law student Jasinski threw the most powerful throw of the round with a left jab. In the second round, Jasinski reciprocated with a left jab that left Cray dizzy, but Cray won the round with right jabs towards the end that swung the fight in his favor. Both boxers began the third round full of energy in a close contest where each exchanged blows evenly, but Cray's final power combination punches gave him the unanimous victory.

Gregory Bennett def. Kasey "Pound Town" Suryan

Both fighters came out strong. Bennett wanted to be the aggressor, but Suryan countered enough to keep him at bay. After an entertaining first, the two went to into the second round even. The second was just as close with Bennett working Suryan over as Suryan exchanged in kind. In what appeared to be a fight that would come down to conditioning, the two went blow for blow again in the third and each was able to land solid blows both to the head and body. The two looked like they could go another three rounds after the final bell, but the judges named Bennett the champion by unanimous decision.