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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
The Observer

Bengal Bouts: Semifinals 180 pounds

Brian "Not Chris" Salvidef. Joe "Send in the Troll" Garrity

A powerful effort by Brian Salvi sent the law student into the championship past senior Joe Garrity.

In a matchup of Chicago natives, Garrity displayed great aggressiveness in the first round, throwing the majority of punches and moving Salvi onto the ropes at one point. Salvi was able to evade the majority of Garrity's punches, though, and countered with a few well-timed shots of his own.

Salvi took control of the tempo in the second round of the fight, managing to get on the attack at different points. Salvi used a strong series of both left and right hooks to push Garrity back, driving Garrity into the ropes at one point. Garrity continued to throw several punches, but Salvi largely fended them off.

The final round of the fight belonged to Salvi, as he attacked Garrity with a series of jabs to the face. Salvi knocked Garrity down with a left hook to the head and, after a brief stoppage, put Garrity on the ground again with a headshot.

At this point in the third round, the referee ended the fight and gave Salvi the victory.


Connor "The Skellator" Skellydef. Nick "The Lancaster Disaster" Grasberger

Connor Skelly used a quick start to help earn a unanimous decision over Nick Grasberger.

In this matchup of senior fighters, Skelly took early control of the fight, using his lanky frame and long reach to hit Grasberger with a series of high jabs. Grasberger made an attempt to go on the attack, but Skelly countered with a series of high body shots and forced Grasberger on his heels for the remainder of the round.

The second round saw the two fighters engage in a defensive struggle, with few punches landing. Skelly continued to attack Grasberger with quick jabs, but Grasberger fended him off. Skelly continued to block most of Grasberger's punches, putting forth a strong defensive effort.

Grasberger almost broke through early in the final round, pushing Skelly against the ropes and knocking him back with a series of upper body shots and headshots. Skelly maintained his poise and composure to rebound and threw a series of strong hooks to end the round.

Skelly took the bout by unanimous decision.