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Tuesday, March 5, 2024
The Observer

Group discusses budget allocations

The Saint Mary's Student Government Association (SGA) met Tuesday to discuss budget allocations and events for the spring semester.

Each year, SGA distributes a certain portion of the budget to sponsorships and allotments for recognized clubs and organizations on the Saint Mary's campus.

Clubs can apply for allocations at the beginning of the year to purchase materials that are necessary in order for the organization, board or committee to exist and function effectively. If clubs require more funds to put on an event, they may apply to SGA for a sponsorship to acquire additional resources to ensure that that event occurs.

Executive treasurer Emma Brink said that SGA aims to approve more sponsorships this year.

"We want to shift more from allotments to sponsorships to promote more events on campus," she said. "We want everyone on campus to be able to attend."

Executive treasurer Liz Busam said that of the $8,000 SGA had allocated to allotments for clubs at the beginning of the year, only $1,775.16 had been used. Before opening up discussion to the rest of SGA, Busam said that she felt the remaining $6,224.82 should be transferred to the sponsorship fund.

"I feel it should be given to the clubs," she said.

Other members said they agreed, but some proposed that it should be given to the Class Boards.

Sophomore class president Elliot Miller said the remaining money should be given to the Freshman Class Board because it receives $500 less than the Junior and Sophomore Class Boards and $1,000 less than the Senior Class Board.

"I feel that by giving Freshman Class Board less money than everyone else, it limits them and the events they can put on," she said. "If we gave them some extra money, we would be encouraging them to plan more events."

Busam said the purpose of giving the Freshman Class Board less funding was not because they aren't as important as the other boards, but because "they have less events to plan."

Some members of SGA said the extra money should remain in allotment and then moved to another committee or section later once SGA has a clearer idea of what the needs for the spring semester will be. Technology commissioner Maureen Parsons said SGA would benefit by waiting to move the leftover money.

"I think we should wait and see how things play out in January, just in case," she said.

After a motion was passed to table the issue until the first meeting of the spring semester, each organization within SGA updated members on that committee's future events and asked for feedback on activities that have occurred throughout the semester.