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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
The Observer

Council reviews discipline

The Campus Life Council convened Friday afternoon to conduct a process review of residential life and rector-student relationships, incorporating student feedback with input from University officials, according to the minutes from the meeting.

The Council discussed the possibility of different settings for disciplinary meetings, the need for communication with students and the role of hall staff, the minutes stated. The guiding themes for the revised Office of Community Standards will be transparency, education and a foundation in the Congregation of Holy Cross.

The group planned a comprehensive approach to these relationships between hall staff members and students, emphasizing an approach based on individual conversations with students.

Members of the group also discussed the procedural changes that apply to rectors dealing with first-time policy violations, additional meeting settings and more educational processes, the minutes stated. Another major topic discussed at the meeting was technology and the possible methods of relaying information to students in a timelier manner.

Towards the meeting's end, the Council discussed the role of other students in the disciplinary process, both as peer advocates and members of an advisory board comprised of students, faculty and staff.

The minutes stated the group talked about education and transparency in Medical Amnesty, as well as the communication gap between students and rectors and the appropriateness of service as a punishment.