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Wednesday, April 24, 2024
The Observer

NDSP reports sexual assault on campus


Notre Dame Security Police (NDSP) is investigating a sexual assault reported over the weekend, according to an email sent to students Saturday evening.

The reported sexual assault occurred in a men's residence hall on North Quad during the early morning hours Saturday, police said. The assault was committed by a male.

In the email, police warned students of the risk of sexual assault.

"Sexual assault can happen to anyone at any time," the email stated. "College students are more likely to be assaulted by an acquaintance than a stranger. This means that the person perpetrating the assault could be part of the campus community.

"Being aware of your own safety and watching out for your friends are important steps you can take to reduce the risk of sexual assault."

Information about sexual assault prevention and resources for survivors of sexual assault is available online from both NDSP and the Committee for Sexual Assault Prevention, the email stated.