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Thursday, Feb. 29, 2024
The Observer

SMC establishes Comedy Creators improv club


Saint Mary's recently established an improvisational club called Comedy Creators, or C-Squared. 

This club stands as the new sister club to the Notre Dame Humor Artists, co-creator and junior Megan Steron said. 

The founders' love for making others laugh inspired the club, Steron said. 

"Comedy Creators was developed to be a low-key, approachable and self-esteem-building opportunity for anyone interested - with or without experience," Steron said.  "It is a misconception that improv is extremely difficult and scary, so I wanted to diminish that idea." 

Steron said there is a strict open-door policy at C-Squared, as well as a good community environment. The meetings are started with warm-ups and simple exercises to make the improv games easier for their new attendees.

"It does not matter if your schedule only allows you to come once a month, for an hour only, or even the last 30 minutes," Steron said. "We are an optional stress reliever."

Junior and C-Squared member Payton Moore said she has thoroughly enjoyed the club so far, since it is a fun way to expand her acting skills. 

"There is no such thing as a stupid idea or a failed improv here," Moore said. "It isn't about performance; it is about improvement and having fun. Feeling stressed? Go to Comedy Creators. Feeling sad? Go to Comedy Creators. You really can't go wrong by attending."

Junior Claire Stewart said the best aspect of the club is the overall atmosphere. 

"The impression is meant to be silly, goofy, undignified and most importantly, wonderful," Stewart said. 

Freshman Kimberly Orlando said attempting  improv was scary at first, but the positive atmosphere of the club allowed her to step out of her comfort zone and open up to a new community on campus.

"I saw the booth for Comedy Creators and Megan [Steron] explained it to me as being a bunch of students having fun and playing improv games like those seen in 'Whose Line is it Anyway?'" Orlando said. "The first meeting, I was a little nervous, but after a few ice-breakers, everyone opened up and was having a lot of fun."

Orlando said the meetings are a good, alternative way to relieve stress.

"The whole meeting was two hours of games and laughing, which is pretty awesome," she said. "Some people put it all out there, and no one was judged for how far they went. It's just a fun way to let loose for a few hours and get over the stresses of tests and upcoming midterms."

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