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Monday, May 20, 2024
The Observer

Brother Michael McGinniss on Fr. Hesburgh

When I woke this morning, I read Fr. Jenkins's announcement of Fr. Ted's passing on the campus of his, and our, beloved Notre Dame. That adjective — beloved — spoke volumes to me of the way that Notre Dame was a work of love for Fr. Ted, a love — almost lifelong, transformative for Notre Dame, influential in our country and our Church in challenging times, and essential to the emergence of Catholic higher education into the mainstream of American life and culture and the foundation of Notre Dame's prominence and impact.

In my years as a university president, other people would say that I had one of the hardest jobs around. Fr. Ted held that same job for much longer than I and under a much brighter spotlight, and he always seemed to make it look if not easy, then close to that. Only one quality could bring about that ease — love. And Fr. Ted had that kind of love for Notre Dame and all of its people. May this great and good man rest in peace. And may we always be inspired by his memory.

Brother Michael McGinniss, FSC

Ph.D 1981

President Emeritus, La Salle University

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