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Saturday, March 2, 2024
The Observer

Robinson delivers state of the student union address to senate

Amid donuts and hot chocolate, Senate discussed last-minute business, planned for the new semester and heard from student body president Corey Robinson.

The meeting began with the official swearing in of new senators: Sage Guynn from Knott and Michael Semanek from Seigfried. A resolution was also passed that edited the Student Union Constitution’s non-discrimination clause to include age and veteran status.

Robinson then gave his State of the Student Address.

“We are living in uncertain times,” he said.

But uncertainty, he said, was not a setback.

“Uncertainty leads to necessity and creates innovation,” he said.

Robinson highlighted the successes of the senate during the past semester, including the creation of a sustainability committee and Race Relations Week.

“The rule book has gone out the window,” Robinson said. “We have a choice. Go down the well-trodden path or blaze a new trail.”

He called on the senators to consider how they can better represent the student body.

“Are we really the united voice of our student body?” he said. “Do you represent your dorm or your section? This is the crucial crossroads.”

He concluded by encouraging students to follow their ideas.

“We can make the student government what we want,” he said. “Blaze your own path. Some will say you’re wasting your time, but many will follow you.”

Afterwards, committees met to make some tentative goals for the next semester, including editing the Taxi Bill of Rights, getting better coffee in the dining halls and sending out information on new dining hall hours.