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Saturday, June 15, 2024
The Observer

Praise for Brew Werks food and atmosphere

My friends and I decided to ditch South Dining Hall (SDH) on Friday and venture off campus for dinner. After throwing our classics such as Cambodian Thai and Woochi out of the debate, we unanimously decided to try something new and go to South Bend Brew Werks for the first time.

As a burger enthusiast, I was already hyped up about going to the restaurant, especially about ordering a legitimate burger (sorry SDH burger night). After waiting for about 20 minutes, my friends and I were seated in the bustling restaurant among all the families in for the game and some Notre Dame students.

Although small, the restaurant has a rustic vibe that adds to the experience. Their selection of drinks and specials are written on chalkboards against the muted red walls and lights inside beer bottles dangle from the ceiling. There’s cool art on the floor and there are funky, homemade tables. There are mugs hanging from the wall near the bar and string lights add a nice touch to the ambience. As a nerdy design student, I also like their logo which is displayed on their pint glasses, apparel and throughout the restaurant decor. Also, for the weeks in South Bend when the weather is enjoyable, you can dine outside on the patio.

And now for what really is at stake here: the food. 

The food is quality. As a brewery and restaurant, the menu features most pub foods one would expect. The build your own burger is two thumbs up and arguably one of the top burgers I have had. Maybe constantly eating at the dining hall had an effect on my rating, but I can promise you definitely will not be disappointed. Although the sides were nothing outstanding, I will be making a trip back to Brew Werks relatively soon for another burger. Also for those who don’t like burgers, my friends ordered baked pasta and sandwiches that they can vouch for too.

Ultimately, if you have not yet been to Brew Werks, it is definitely worth the time and effort to make a trip there. The casual ambience and the quality food make it a great place for college students to go. And as for directions, it is right next to the unmistakable Club Fever.

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