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Monday, Feb. 26, 2024
The Observer

Looking back and looking forward


We’re graduating; there’s no avoiding it.

We’re constantly surrounded by reminders that this whole experience is coming to an end, from the 100 Days Dance, to graduation pictures, to the fact our parents won’t be in town this weekend for JPW.

Each of our Notre Dame stories is unique.

We threw ourselves into our random dorm and roommate assignments. We joined clubs and sports teams. We stayed up way too late studying and, sometimes, way too late with all our friends. We found classes and professors we loved. We stood shoulder-to-shoulder in the stadium to cheer on the Irish, come rain, snow or sleet. We won flag football or Bookstore Basketball games with our best friends. Some of us stayed here all four years, while some of us studied around all corners of the world.

No matter how your particular Notre Dame story played out, each of us impacted this University as much as it impacted us.

As we wrap up our time on campus, we are constantly wondering, “What’s next?” For many of us, this means a new job, further education or some soul-seeking travels. For all of us, this means making our mark as Notre Dame’s newest class of alumni. As the Class of 2018, we have a unique responsibility to wonder not only what our next steps will be, but what is next for Notre Dame.

We’re Anthony and Sarafina, and we’d like to invite you to join us in leaving our legacy at Notre Dame. Senior Legacy is our chance to show how much we care about Notre Dame and her current and future students. Our class has chosen to support the Office of Student Enrichment by driving gifts to the Fighting Irish Initiative. One of the most requested items students apply for in the Office of Student Enrichment is football ticket packets. Just $10 from each member of our class equates to over 90 football ticket packets for students next year. That’s like giving up two covers at Finny’s or a burrito and a drink from Chipotle — all to give a student next year the highs (and the lows, to be honest) of a football season in the student section.

We’ll be in touch throughout the semester with details about how you can get involved and some of the perks of giving back, including a party on the field as our way of thanking each senior who joins us. We’ve had a great four years, and we wouldn’t trade it for the world. Our mission is to ensure that every student at Notre Dame can have the best experience possible. If we can give a little to ensure deserving students next year can experience a lot, then this will be a semester well spent.

Thank you and go Irish!

Anthony Caputo


Sarafina Joseph


co-chairs, Senior Legacy

Feb. 15


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