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Thursday, Feb. 22, 2024
The Observer

In which a non-Scene writer listens to some Scene Selections

Before I begin, let me list a few disclaimers.

One: I do not by any means think I have a great taste in music. My taste could be compared to a poorly crafted mixtape that was given to someone with good intentions but was promptly thrown away after hearing the first two songs.

Two: One Direction is one of my favorite bands of all time, and I do not say that with a sense of irony.

Three: I didn’t actually read what anyone said about these songs. Sorry in advance.

Four: The only Scene writer that I know thinks this is a horrible idea. Therefore, it must be done.

Please enjoy this musical journey.

“Ski Vacation” — LVL UP

It must be known that this album art looks like a poorly taken ultrasound picture, but the opening instrumentals give me hope. The vocals sound like they were recorded with a potato. I’m not cultured enough for this.

After feeling mildly dejected by my failure with the first song, I was questioning my willingness to continue with this experiment. I had a brief chat with my Scene writer friend, and almost stopped writing.

Who would I be to quit a quarter of the way in? So I continue.

“I can’t believe Maria is so extra that she has to do this,” the Scene writer said. Me too, friend, me too.

“Short Court Style” — Natalie Prass

I am happy to share that I thoroughly enjoy this song. The groove that is set within the first 10 seconds has tears welling in my eyes. I think I’ve transcended from casual music listener to someone who will be accepted as an avid consumer with valid opinions. The song is now sitting comfortably in one of my only successful playlists.

With a new-found hope, I carry on.

“You’ve Got Me” — The Greeting Committee

This song reminds me of spring cleaning in an oddly refreshing way. It makes me want to open all the windows, blast the tune for everyone to hear and do my best to dance without tripping over a vacuum cord. Then, if I was successful in maintaining my health, I’d listen to the song again and gaze wistfully out the window in the way I think thoughtful music consumers should.

And with that, I continue on to my final Scene Selection.

“Drip Too Hard” — Lil Baby and Gunna

Suddenly, I am transported from my cute summer home to the passenger seat of my 23-year-old brother’s car. I am unable to touch the AUX after playing Carly Rae Jepsen’s “Cut To The Feeling” one too many times. Alas, I find myself enjoying the song more than a captive listener should and succumb to the knowledge that he actually can listen to decent music no matter how much I dislike his positive views of Nickelback.

“That was an experience,” said the Scene writer. “I really can’t agree with anything you said, but it was an experience. This isn’t an interview. You’re not getting anything more out of me.”

And in that moment, I knew I could never escape my inner-news writer to contribute to the coveted Scene Selections.

The views expressed in this column are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Observer.