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Sunday, Feb. 25, 2024
The Observer

A look into the tri-campus community

Whether one was raised as a lifelong Notre Dame fan by alumni, discovered one of the tri-campus schools later in life or was recruited as an athlete, each person’s journey to college is unique. The college admissions scandal, which came to light in March, sparked a larger conversation about this process by highlighting inequalities in the system.

Following this revelation, The Observer decided to take an in-depth look at college acceptances in the tri-campus community and spotlight students’ admissions stories. Over the course of about one month, our writers reported and wrote on this topic, interviewing admissions, athletics administrators and, of course, the students themselves. This Insider features members of the Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s and Holy Cross community who come from a variety of distinct experiences — including legacy, athlete, low-income, first-generation and undocumented backgrounds.

In order to reach out to the latter three groups, The Observer created a form for students to share their stories. In a matter of six days, we received 11 responses from members of the tri-campus community. Of the respondents, 72.7% identified as low-income students, 81.8% identified as first-generation students and 36.4% identified as DACA recipients or undocumented students. From these responses, reporters selected a handful of students from each campus to interview.

Through this Insider, we hope to further examine the college admissions process in the tri-campus community. If you want to join the conversation, feel free to submit a letter to the editor. If you have a related story idea, you can submit it on our website. We always want to hear your story.