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Tuesday, March 5, 2024
The Observer

University responds to student requests to improve race relations

In response to a call to action from a coalition of Black clubs at Notre Dame and a statement from student government, vice president of student affairs Erin Hoffmann Harding said in an email Monday she will enact some of the requests from students immediately.

As students asked to improve and expand upon images that show the University’s commitment to combating racism, Hoffmann Harding said a blank wall in LaFortune Student Center will “await your creativity and suggestions upon your return” and be designated for students when the fall semester begins.

In addition, throughout the summer the student affairs departments will sponsor virtual discussions surrounding racial injustice. Hoffmann Harding said they also plan on modifying the mental health resource list to better support black students.

“We will also continue every effort to augment the diversity of staff available to students not only through the University Counseling Center, but throughout the Division of Student Affairs,” she said.

Hoffmann Harding said they will also work with students to alter the content of the Moreau First Year Experience, as well as the way instructors prepare for the course. Questions assessing mental health will also be added to the Inclusive Campus Survey.

Hoffmann Harding urged all students, particularly those in a privileged position, to take action.

“To all of us who identify as white, please join this effort as an ally so every student feels they belong on our campus,” she said.