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Friday, June 14, 2024
The Observer

Administration threatens registration holds on students who fail to comply with health and safety protocols

After the majority of student attendants rushed the field after Saturday night’s victory against Clemson and a number of others gathered before the game, University President Fr. John Jenkins expressed his disappointment in an email Sunday night.

The University announced it will place a registration hold on any student who fails to report for testing when asked to do so, which would prevent a student from matriculating or registering for classes next semester.

In order to curb the potential of spreading the virus in students’ home communities, Jenkins instructed students to remain in South Bend until they receive their exit test results. If students fail to comply, the administration will place a registration hold on their record.

Jenkins also said students who host gatherings that do not follow the University’s health and safety guidelines will face severe sanctions.

“We recognize that such steps may require some to adjust plans and schedules, but these obligations are critical for your health, as well as the health of our campus, our local community and the communities to which you will travel for break,” Jenkins said. “The grave circumstances of this pandemic compel us to take these exceptional measures.”