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Thursday, June 20, 2024
The Observer

The Observer elects Editor-in-Chief for 2022-2023 term

The Observer General Board elected Notre Dame News Editor Alysa Guffey as Editor-in-Chief for the 2022-2023 term Saturday.

“Alysa is incomparably committed to the work that we do. In the last year, I have been inspired by her leadership in the News department and the Editorial Board,” current Editor-in-Chief Adriana Perez said. “I have immense faith in her ability to carry on The Observer’s legacy as its next Editor-in-Chief and continue to produce quality journalism for the tri-campus.”

Originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, Guffey is a resident of Breen-Phillips Hall. She is a junior pursuing a major in history with minors in digital marketing and the Gallivan program in Journalism, Ethics and Democracy. 

Courtesy of Alysa Guffey
The Observer General Board elected Alysa Guffey as the Editor-in-Chief for the 2022-2023 term. She currently serves as Notre Dame News Editor.

“I am extremely grateful to the General Board for trusting me to lead The Observer next term. I would not be able to fill such big shoes without all of my mentors at the paper,” Guffey said. “I look forward to serving a community that has given me so much and cannot wait to see all that we can accomplish in the next year together.”

Guffey started out as a news writer for The Observer her first year. She became associate news editor before taking over as Notre Dame news editor in March 2021.

Guffey will begin her term as Editor-in-Chief on Feb. 27.