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Sunday, April 14, 2024
The Observer

Commencement 2023: Viewpoint

Every year, graduating seniors from the Observer Editorial Board take to the commencement edition Viewpoint section for their final farewell and final byline, commemorating their time in the tri-campus. Read on for the work from our staff emeritus as well as some of the most memorable Letters to the Editor from the last four years.

Editorial Board Graduates

My own little corner of the worldby Alysa Guffey, Editor-in-Chief Emeritus

That's what I wantby Aidan O'Malley, Managing Editor Emeritus

Reflecting on Rory Gilmore’s graduation speechby Mannion McGinley, Assistant Managing Editor Emeritus

I did it my wayby Genevieve Coleman, Assistant Managing Editor Emeritus

300+ stories later, I'm almost out of wordsby Aidan Thomas, Sports Editor Emeritus

The future is behind usby Spencer Kelly, From the Archives Leader Emeritus

Letters to the Editor: Four years in review


The next eight months

The flip phone experiment

An open letter on academic freedom

We love Dr. Stanisic as much as he loved us


Our shared destiny

Our Mendoza: Implementing a vision for business

A whisper of a thrill

The spirit of Notre Dame is back


Our 2020 moment

How to go into quarantine eight times — and make it out in one piece

If I were a student who stormed the field

To my fellow Smicks

Mirror, Mirror


Off-campus students deserve a place at the table

End Hate at Notre Dame manifesto

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