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Thursday, June 20, 2024
The Observer

Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures launches new module on ND Mobile


On the ND Mobile app, one module features an array of colorful hands around a globe — a distinct contrast to the traditional blue and gold of other icons. According to its developer, the icon is purposefully vibrant to symbolize the multifaceted world of languages and cultures.

The Center for the Study of Languages and Cultures (CSLC) launched a new module on ND Mobile to centralize all language and culture-adjacent events and programs happening on campus.

Professor Eva Hoeckner, program manager of language initiatives in the CSLC, led the creation of this “Languages & Cultures” module.

In her role, Hoeckner said she has been trying to encourage the Notre Dame community to participate in a broad range of language events and multicultural experiences. “I’m spearheading initiatives about increasing the engagement and participation of students, faculty, and everybody else on campus in language-related events or activities,” she said.

With the CSLC and language departments hosting various weekly events, Hoeckner said the app aggregates it all in one place for users.

“The missing link to me was I have the language week, the [Globally Engaged Citizens program], the [language] masses, but how do I know about all of this?”, she said. “Having one place where all the events, not only things [the CSLC] organizes but that all language departments organize — how cool is that?”

In the module, there are two sections: one for programs and one for events. “I am going to add live streams and archives later on. That could be a worthwhile effort,” Hoeckner said.

According to Hoeckner, consolidating the information on an app is easier for students, who may otherwise have to parse through individual websites.

“The only other way you can find information on the events is when you have to go to the websites of the individual programs or departments. You already have to have a pre-selection in your mind,” she said.

Hoeckner added the module’s features, such as the ability to scroll through the events and save them to Google Calendar, can enrich one’s experience and options.

From discovering music events for leisure to finding cultural activities for class requirements, Hoeckner said the module allows students to explore their interests in different languages and cultures. For Hoeckner, this accomplishes her goal of encouraging people to connect with all corners of the world.

“My goal is to make everybody understand that it’s not just you sign up for one language … That’s not what we want. We want to have a more broad horizon — simply as the globalized world is,” she said. “People speak different languages and, so we want to mirror that reality in our initiatives.”

Hoeckner noted the module has encountered issues with visibility, as it is found at the bottom of the broader “Academics” module. “The fact that it is hidden is truly a problem,” she said.