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Tuesday, June 18, 2024
The Observer

The pregame is the best part of going out

The year 2023 is slowly, but surely, coming to a close. With Saturday marking the last home football game of the season and Thanksgiving next week, I have spent a lot of time reminiscing on all of the memories I have made this past year. As I mentioned in my most recent column, I am a very nostalgic person and I usually wind up spending a lot of the holiday season reflecting on my life. Looking back, I am noticing that I have become a social butterfly and I'm a lot more outgoing than I used to be. Every party and event was fun and notable in its own way, but one thing has stayed consistent: I will always have way more fun at the pregame. 

This may be an unpopular opinion, so let me try to explain myself.

Let me preface this by saying that I love going out and if I didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t be writing this column in the first place. Now that I am a junior and have established a good friend group, being social is a lot easier and way more enjoyable than it was a few years ago. I like meeting new people, dancing in crowded rooms and ending up at Five Guys on Eddy Street in the early hours of the morning. That being said, there is something about the getting ready process that I can’t help but like so much more. 

Here are a few reasons why.

Good vibes

I have never had any incredibly negative experiences while out, however, I am almost always left slightly underwhelmed. But when I am in my room getting ready, I can still bask in the excitement of not knowing how my night will turn out — which makes the experience so much more enjoyable. I can only compare this feeling to the one I get when I am on a road trip and finally get to the destination. I am glad to be where I wanted to go but am almost a little sad that the ride is over.  

Playing dress up

When I think about getting ready to go out, my mind goes straight to the hair, makeup and outfit. I tend to have some dilemma regarding one of the three almost every weekend, but that’s what it’s all about. When I'm surrounded by my friends blowing out our hair, trying new makeup products and raiding each other’s closets for the perfect going-out top, I'm reminded of playing dress up as a little kid. It feels very girlhood. I believe getting ready with girlfriends has become a really important part of my personal college experience, especially as a Saint Mary’s student. As women, we thrive off of setting time aside to talk with each other and bond over things like hair and makeup, but during the week it is difficult to do that due to school and other commitments. This is a time when we are all usually in high spirits and get to do that with one another.

Easy going

What I love about a good pregame in comparison to larger parties is that most of the time the atmosphere is relatively calm. While I have to get ready every day anyhow, I am usually rushing late to a destination, whether it be class or a meeting. On weekends, however, I can slow down and get ready with ease, accompanied by a curated playlist of my choosing that is played at a volume that will not burst my eardrum. I can leisurely eat and drink without bumping into random people and can converse with my roommates and friends as we come in and out of each other's dorm rooms because we have the time.

My house, my rules

When I am in my room getting ready, I am in complete control of what is happening. It is also usually the only time everyone will be close to one another because we all know as soon as we get to our intended destination, we will drift away into a sweaty swarm of strangers, getting lost in the shuffle for who knows how long.

So sure, going out is a good time, and this will by no means end all social events forever. But truthfully, just lounging around and messing with hair and makeup with my friends is so very ideal to me. In many ways, it’s a party in and of itself. So as we prepare for one last home game and wrap up the semester, try to prioritize taking the time to enjoy everything that happens before the madness of your day and take in the sweet moments you have just hanging out and getting ready with your friends.

Moira Quinn is a junior at Saint Mary's College studying communication. When she isn't writing for The Observer, she can be found with friends, watching a good romantic comedy or missing her basset hound.

Moira Quinn

Moira Quinn is a junior at Saint Mary's College studying communication. When she isn't writing for The Observer, she can be found with friends, watching a good romantic comedy or missing her basset hound.

The views expressed in this column are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Observer.