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Friday, April 19, 2024
The Observer


‘I will love him no matter what’: McGlinn, Baumer residents wed

Second annual McGlinn-Baumer mock wedding raises $1,600

On Saturday, the Notre Dame community gathered to celebrate the union of sophomore Brady Kroll and junior Lizette Mendez.

March 2 marked the second annual Baumer and McGlinn charity wedding — a celebration of commitment and love.

As last year’s social commissioners, current McGlinn Hall president Lauren Taylor and vice president Kaitlyn Leshak helped to establish this tradition.

“We were really invested in the extravagant charity weddings that so many Greek life organizations had,” Leshak said. “We thought it would be fun to have our own.”

Taylor and Leshak’s proposal would garner dorm-wide support, they said.

“Without the excitement and creatively motivated minds in McGlinn, this event would not be nearly possible,” said Henry Maxwell, Baumer Hall vice president. 

Baumer and McGlinn residents said they were excited to continue this charity wedding that generates real social impact in the local community.

To choose the bride and groom, participant voted for their preferred candidate via $2 donations. Baumer president Brian Lane said the halls collectively raised nearly $1,600 for their charity partners.

This year, proceeds will be donated to the Jubilee Institute for Financial Inclusion, a Notre Dame student-led nonprofit that offers financial welfare and planning services to South Bend’s disadvantaged community.

“While the Baumer and McGlinn wedding is a super fun experience for both the Bucs and Shamrocks, it is ultimately a reflection of Notre Dame’s power to make a difference in South Bend,” Lane said.

The wedding was held in Baumer’s 24-hour space with a reception in McGlinn.

The officiant began the wedding by reflecting on the symbolic union of the two halls. The couple then exchanged vows, promising to be faithful to one another and to honor one another all the days of their undergraduate years.

When asked if anyone would object to the union between Kroll and Mendez, Baumer resident Matthew McDonald — dressed as a Teletubby — loudly declared that he was in “love [with] Clint Murray, and there should be no reason that [they] should not be wed here today.”

When the clamor subsided, and the objection was overruled, Kroll and Mendez sealed their unlawful marriage with a real kiss.

Guests cheered on the happy couple and followed the pair to the reception in McGlinn where McDonald later offered a heartwarming toast to the couple.

“I’ve known Joseph Brady Kroll for a few months, but in those few months, my life has been exponentially improved,” McDonald said. “I just want everyone to know that he got a 97% in organic chemistry, and he still hits the slopes! He’s a great skier. I will love him no matter what, and I want you guys to feel the same love I feel for Brady.”

The night ended with the groom inviting the bride to dance, saying, “Let’s dance, miss girl, come on.”