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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
The Observer


Senate holds elections, amends constitution

Incoming senators ran for positions on the Committee on the Constitution and the Campus Life Council

During their weekly meeting Wednesday afternoon, the Notre Dame student senate passed two resolutions amending language in the undergraduate student body constitution and held elections for the Campus Life Council and the Committee for the Constitution.

Standing for election for Campus Life Council from men’s residence halls were Charles Griffin, a freshman senator in Siegfried Hall, and James Baird, a junior senator in Alumni Hall. Running from women’s residence halls were Irvine Assoumou, a freshman senator in Cavanaugh Hall; Laura Clements, a freshman senator in Howard Hall; Andrea Jasso, a freshman senator in Lyons Hall; Lindsey Lark, a freshman senator in McGlinn Hall and Francesca Lichtenberger, a freshman senator in Walsh Hall.

One men’s residence hall senator and one women’s hall senator will be chosen for the position. Voting took place via google form, and the results will be announced later this week.

Seven senators ran for five positions on the Committee for the Constitution: Matthew Amante, a freshman senator from Keenan Hall; Assoumou; Griffin; Lark; Zach Taylor, a freshman Fisher Hall senator; Matthew Wich, a freshman Duncan Hall senator and Alexander Mitchell, a sophomore Carroll Hall senator. The results of this election will also be announced at a later date.

Following the elections, the senate considered SO2425-05, an order to fix a discrepancy in article XVI of the constitution. The order updated the section of the constitution to reflect the fact that the senate previously voted to increase the maximum limit of student government's “carry-forward account” from $100,000 to $300,000. The order passed unanimously.

The senate then considered SO2425-06, which amended article XV of the constitution. The article previously referred to elections that take place after a candidate has withdrawn or been removed from an election as a “re-election.” The order renamed these elections “special” elections. The bill passed unanimously.

Finally, the senate unanimously passed an order to suspend a vacancy election for a senate seat in Dillon Hall after only one candidate ran for the seat. Freshman João Nunes was then declared senator.

“I look forward to contribute to the community,” Nunes said.

The senate decided not to consider another order amending the constitution as well as a resolution seeking to address drainage issues on St. Joseph road located between O'Shaughnessy Hall, Malloy Hall and Decio Faculty Hall this week.