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Tuesday, May 21, 2024
The Observer


Fisher Hall hosts its ‘last’ regatta

Ahead of the dorm’s demolition, Fisher hosted the competition on Saint Mary’s Lake

The sun came out this Saturday as students and spectators gathered around Saint Mary’s Lake to watch participants race makeshift floatation devices in hopes of winning the Fisher Regatta. 

As of mid-day Saturday, the event had already raised $15,000 for St. Adalbert Catholic School in South Bend. 

Fisher Hall president Nick Biad, a commissioner for the event, spoke on how although the event has been referred to as “The Last Regatta,” he sees a future where that is not exactly the case. 

“We don't know yet. There's a very good chance that we have one next year while the community is living in Zahm. We are concerned that this is it, but we feel confident that there should be one next year,” Biad said. 

The Fisher community will be living in Zahm Hall for the next two years as their current building is scheduled to be torn down this summer. When the community moves back into their new home it will be under a different name and could possibly not continue the signature event. 

“For the community, it’s the only time everybody participates in one big event. We don’t have any other event like this, and it is a very genuine way that our community comes together to raise money for St. Adalbert ... The weather today is incredible. Yeah, it was awesome to get down here and on the lake,” Biad said. 

Between both the men’s and women’s division, there were just around 45 boats entered. The winning team of the women’s division received a basketball signed by Niele Ivy, head coach of the women’s basketball team, while the men’s division received one signed by Micah Shrewsberry, head coach of the men’s basketball team.

Brad and Shea Springfield returned to watch this event for the third time to cheer on their son. 

“It’s all about community building. I mean, this is the one thing on campus that everybody can be invited to. It’s a great fundraiser, and he’s always had a great time. Whether he’s in the water freezing or swimming his way to the finish,” Shea Springfield said. 

Ethan Springfield, their son, is a senior in Fisher Hall and recently ran an ironman to fundraise for the regatta. 

“Well to me, like she said, it is about the community and St. Adalbert is such a great place. Ethan had a moment earlier today with Fr. Ryan, who was the pastor at St. Adalbert, and you know, the community supports each other, and they support St. Adalbert. ‘All people are welcome in this place’ is the motto of Fisher and it really has been true,” Brad Springfield said. 

Teams must construct some aspect of the boat. Some teams added onto inflatable boats and oversized unicorn floats while others made boats out of pool noodles, cardboard and duct tape. There were even a couple of boats made out of wood that teams nailed together. 

“I think we spent, between getting materials and putting it together, about 45 minutes,” Dillon freshman Will Hurd said. “On supplies, we spent around $35, so we’ll get reimbursed hopefully.” 

Hurd and his team’s boat did not make it the length of the course and instead the team swam to the finish line.