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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
The Observer

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Remaining three pro-Palestine protesters released from jail, hearing canceled

All protesters have now been released from police custody

Editor‘s Note: 17 pro-Palestinian protestors were arrested Thursday night. You can read our coverage of the demonstration here.

Three protesters charged with resisting law enforcement were set to appear in court today, but the 1:30 p.m. hearing was canceled, and the students were released from the St. Joseph County Jail.

A total of 17 people were arrested as a result of the Thursday evening protest that culminated on God Quad. All but three were released with no bail upon agreeing to appear in court on June 28. The remaining three students were released before Friday’s scheduled hearing without having to pay bail. No hearing took place Friday, but the three agreed to appear in court in about eight weeks.

A statement from Occupation Free ND released early in the morning claimed that protesters in the circle that was willing to be arrested did not resist arrest.

“At the time of arrest, the students were gathered but were not chanting, had no tents and did not resist the arrest. The protesting students only began ‘no justice, no peace‘ when the NDPD arrested them,” the statement said. “A total of 17 demonstrators were arrested, with three held in custody overnight. The police further threatened to arrest anyone who remained on the quad in an attempt to prevent students from filming. They directed lights at the eyes and cameras of individuals recording the incident.”

Organizers also called for the University to not punish the protesters.

“Students, faculty and alumni demand the immediate release of all detained students, the
dismissal of any associated charges and a commitment from the University to abstain from taking any disciplinary measures against peaceful student protestors exercising their
fundamental right to freedom of speech and expression,” they wrote.