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Thursday, May 23, 2024
The Observer

A response to ‘The power of Notre Dame’s Christian left’

While Clark Bowden is certainly entitled to his opinion, he is not entitled to alternative facts.
Mr. Bowden claimed that Notre Dame did not respond to former football coach Lou Holtz's remarks at the Republican National Convention when, in fact, a statement was issued the day after the speech.
He implies that, while faculty and students protested former President Trump's orders threatening DACA students, the University stood by silently. In fact, at a prayer service the Monday after the 2016 election, Fr. Jenkins specifically addressed DACA students, saying the University would “support them in every way possible.” Before and since then, he has issued numerous statements in opposition to various efforts to discontinue DACA. Here is one of many.
He writes that only students organized rallies in support of racial justice last spring and summer when, again in fact, Fr. Jenkins held a “Prayer for Unity, Walk for Justice” rally on Library Quad on June 2, then spoke at a community rally in downtown South Bend on June 7. He also joined with members of the football program at the Juneteenth rally.
Finally, Mr. Bowden criticizes the University for “putting forward a conservative Supreme Court justice.” It simply isn't possible — much less true — that Notre Dame or any university could or would “put forward” a court nominee.

Facts matter, even in opinion columns.

Dennis K. Brown

assistant vice president

Notre Dame news and media relations

Feb. 5

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