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Monday, Feb. 26, 2024
The Observer

Sorin’s Kick-It for Kevin returns to compete, fundraise and kick off Secession Week

One $50 dollar donation funds one hour of childhood cancer research. This year’s Kick-It for Kevin kickball tournament sponsored by Sorin College has already raised enough money to fundraise over 80 hours of research. 

The teams, such as “We Won Beyonce, But Can We Beytwice?”, “Preston’s Prestigious Pack of Powerful Punters,” “Knott Losing” and many others, will face off this weekend during Sorin’s annual kickball tournament Saturday from 11 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. at the McGlinn Fields. 

Kick-It for Kevin is Sorin’s signature fundraising event named after former Sorin resident Kevin Healey who died in 2009 after a long fight against cancer during his sophomore year.

“Kick-It for Kevin is definitely a cherished event here in Sorin,” dorm president sophomore Victor Wicks said. 

Sorin College residents annually participate in a kick ball tournament called “Kick-It for Kevin” to raise funds for cancer research.

After Healey’s death in April of 2009, Sorin residents decided to establish a tradition in his honor, Sorin rector Fr. Bob Loughery said. Fr. Loughery began his time as rector in Sorin the following August. 

“It was an initiative of his friends who were classmates of his,” Fr. Loughery said. 

This year will be the twelfth annual Kick-It for Kevin kickball tournament, “Only the location has changed,” Fr. Loughery said.

Every year, the event fund raises for Alex’s Lemonade Stand, a foundation that supports childhood cancer research, patients and their families. Teams are encouraged to fundraise online through the tournament’s official website. The team that fundraises the most will get a special prize — a free meal with Fr. Pete McCormick. 

Individuals can donate to a specific team or to the tournament as a whole. Wicks said the recommended, but not mandatory, donation amount per team is $50, which funds that one hour of cancer research. 

“So far we’ve had terrific results,” Wicks said on Wednesday. “We are a quarter of a way to our goal.” 

As of Thursday evening, the event has raised $5,497 out of their $15,000 goal. 

Teams and players are not limited to the Sorin residents.

“Anyone and everyone can sign up!” Wicks said. 

Kick-It for Kevin commissioner Carter Day said their goal this year is to have teams from across the campus participate, as in recent years, teams have mostly been composed of Sorin residents.

“This year we wanted to go a lot bigger and spread it across campus and get a lot of teams from other dorms to come and play,” he said. 

Their goal is to have a team from each dorm, Wicks said. “We just want more fundraising for the children … More people means more fundraising which means more lives saved!”

In a typical year, the tournament takes place in the fall semester. However last semester, kickball was still an unapproved sport by SAO. The team decided to move the event to the spring and have it, pun intended, kick off Secession Week

“Secession Week is the week during which Sorin celebrates its secession from the University in 1969 in protest of the Vietnam War,” Wicks explained. “That’s when we went from Sorin Hall to Sorin College.” 

Other Secession Week events this year include an outdoor version of Sorin’s spring formal, a talent show and the premiere of a spin on Sorin’s traditional “Survivor” competition. Sorin residents have been filming the competition since the fall semester and have made their own show with the results. The first two episodes will premiere Thursday of Secession Week. 

Day said some of the best parts of the Kick-It for Kevin in the past have been sharing camaraderie with other Sorin residents will having fun in the sun.

“And this year we really want to share that camaraderie beyond the dorm,” Wicks added. 

Wicks also said the event is a great way to enjoy time outside, all while for a good cause.

“Good vibes all around,” he concluded.