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Saturday, June 22, 2024
The Observer

Williams-Brooke to forfeit 20 votes due to incorrect election links

The Derick Williams and Hunter Brooke ticket will forfeit 20 votes from Wednesday’s student body election after the Judicial Council determined the ticket’s campaign engaged in “unethical behavior by sending out incorrect election links,” according to a press release distributed to campus media Thursday morning.

After an allegation was brought against Williams-Brooke, the Elections Committee determined that two members involved in the pair’s campaign had distributed an improper election link on GroupMe and an Instagram story. Per the student body constitution, only official links approved by the Judicial Council can be shared.

An estimated 200 people saw the incorrect link on social media, a witness close to the campaign told the Judicial Council. The committee determined that 10 votes would be lost for the violation of each link shared. Since the link was shared at two distinct times, the ticket would lose twice the amount of votes, the release said.

The release also noted that Williams and Brooke must formally apologize on their official campaign Instagram account.

As of late Wednesday night, information from Judicial Council suggested that multiple allegations regarding the election are pending. The status of other allegations and results is not known at this time.