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Sunday, April 14, 2024
The Observer

An open letter for peace from the Kroc Institute

We are alumni, students, staff, faculty and friends of the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies.As students and advocates of peacebuilding, we are holding space for the many people hurting and grieving over the ongoing loss of life in Israel and the occupied Palestinian territories. We recognize the humanity of all peoples of the region and reject the use of dehumanizing language by anyone in relation to the conflict.The current escalation perpetuates suffering and fuels the cycle of multigenerational trauma. We call on all parties to immediately stop hostilities and engage in peace talks to end the long history of violence and address the root causes of the conflict. We encourage the international community to support an immediate cessation of violence and a peace process.We are horrified by Hamas’ recent attack on Israel and the taking of hostages. We are appalled by Israel’s bombing of Gaza, which is killing, injuring and displacing Palestinian civilians. We are fearful of the consequences of its blockade, which is preventing access to much-needed humanitarian supplies, such as water, food, medicine and fuel. International law prohibits the targeting of civilians. We call on the international community to compel all parties to comply with their obligations under international law. It is our moral imperative to stop violations of international law and prevent a humanitarian catastrophe.We know conflict transformation is possible. Israeli and Palestinian people have long histories of suffering and oppression. We hope that through dialogue and the recognition of trauma and harm, Palestinian and Israeli people can build a future where they all equally enjoy security, human rights, democracy, self-determination and peace.We write this to keep our hope that people of different faiths and allegiances can come together in agreement that all human lives are equally valuable and that a more peaceful future is possible.

To sign this statement, click here. Signatures will be added every few hours. Thank you for your solidarity and your patience.

Dr. Ana Velitchkova and Dr. Jenna Sapiano

on behalf of over 80 members of the Kroc Institute for International Peace Studies

Oct. 27

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