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Wednesday, May 29, 2024
The Observer

Tri-campus roller skates to Taylor Swift in Stepan Center

Students roller skate in the Stepan Center on Friday during Eras Skate Night.

Swifties of the tri-campus flocked to the Stepan Center on Friday, skating the night away to Taylor Swift’s greatest hits.

A new spin from the Student Activities Office on Emo Skate Night, Eras Skate Night encompassed two hours of rolling skating and other diversions such as cupcakes, making friendship bracelet and a Swift-themed raffle.

Freshman Faith White said she participated in the skate night with her friends after watching Notre Dame volleyball defeat Wake Forest in Purcell Pavilion.

“I saw it being advertised in Duncan [Student Center], and we were at the volleyball game before. We just thought it would be super fun,” White said.

White, whose favorite Swift album is “folklore” and song is “mirrorball,” said she believes many people — men and women alike — can relate to the messages Swift conveys in her music.

“She really writes from the heart,” White said.

Sophomore Cate Stiller said she found out about the activity via email and thought it seemed unique. Stiller explained she hadn’t really listened to Swift since childhood, so she used the skate night as a test to determine if she could get back into the singer’s music.

“My best friend at home is obsessed with Taylor Swift, but it feels like it came out all of a sudden. So I was like — ‘What is going on? What’s the hype about?’” Stiller said. “Everybody knows all the lore and all the guys that she has dated and is currently dating. So I want to know, and I want to be in the loop. I want to know the reason why.”

Stiller also commented on Swift’s current relationship with Kansas City Chiefs tight end Travis Kelce, saying she thinks Swift’s relationship with Kelce will last because he is a gentleman.

“Even though he’s really big and well known, I feel like he really cares for her,” Stiller said.

On the contrary, freshman Nya Huff said she expects the Swift-Kelce relationship to be detrimental to both of their careers. Huff said Kelce would have to stop playing football if the couple is going to have a life together because Swift is not going to stop making music and touring the world.

“They’re either going to become too entrapped in [the relationship] and fall in love. Or when they break up, it’s going to be devastating,” Huff said. “As someone who loves football and loves Taylor Swift, it’s a rough field to navigate.”

Freshman Mia Billetz said she became a Swift fan after the initial release of her album “1989.”

“When I was a little girl, I stole all the [Swift] CDs from my mom and ended up going to her concert. It was the best experience ever,” Billetz said.

Billetz said she sees Swift merchandise all over the tri-campus. Billetz argued Swift’s popularity originates from two causes: Swift has been around for such a long time, and she composes music in so many different genres.