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Saturday, May 25, 2024
The Observer

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Please give us your money

While it seems that every student organization at Notre Dame seems to be making a fundraising effort at this time of year with ND Day nearly upon us, we would be remiss if we did not take the opportunity to highlight the important work The Observer does in the tri-campus and the powerful impact that a gift to the paper can make.

Why donate? We’d like to take this time to share the impact your gift this ND Day would have on our community. 

Supporting independent student journalism

As one of the largest organizations in the tri-campus with over 150 members on our staff, we are proud to be completely student-run. Our team is a versatile bunch, seamlessly transitioning between roles. We professionally edit stories and columns, capture shots around campus, sell ads, create graphics, publish online daily and construct a print edition paper three times a week.

With a storied 56-year history, The Observer has been home to a long line of talented journalists who have grown and shaped our paper into what it is today. 

Some of you alumni readers may remember days and nights fondly spent at The Observer office in the basement of South Dining Hall (or for the lucky, the old office on the third floor of LaFun). Others may know loved ones who have held — or currently hold — a position within the paper. Or perhaps, you are a student who occasionally picks up a copy of the paper or reads our articles online. 

Providing detailed coverage 

The Observer is a vital connection for alumni to the tri-campus community, providing accurate updates and reports on the state of affairs at Notre Dame. We chronicle life at Notre Dame, striving to be the first to cover events and daring to be controversial for the sake of the truth. The Observer holds the university accountable and bridges the gap between the student body and administrators.

Take a look at the impact we had this year in review, from breaking the Saint Mary’s admission policy to the Sam Hartman year that wasn’t. And while news, scene, viewpoint and sports staff type and edit away, our social media, graphics and photo departments add the professional finishing touches to everything we produce.

Fostering professional success and community 

The Observer has become an identity and home for many, shaping our collegiate development. Several of us have worked at professional newspapers as summer jobs, or others are minoring in the Gallivan Program in Journalism, Ethics and Democracy. The Observer has been a training ground for the next generation of journalists. We know well the decline of print journalism, which is why it’s even more remarkable — and more important — that we are able to continue publishing consistently to an engaged readership.

Additionally, we are an organization that proudly fosters camaraderie and unity across the tri-campus community, with members of our staff coming from Notre Dame, Saint Mary’s and Holy Cross. The pride and passion among our staff is evident, and our success certainly would not be possible without them.

Catalyzing conversations & amplifying student voices

The Observer also serves as a catalyst for conversation. Whether sparking dialogues about campus events, a contentious sports game or the latest movie, the paper provides a platform for newfound discourse.

On a deeper level, The Observer ignites thoughtful debates and provides an outlet for students to publically voice their opinions and personal insights. We make a genuine effort to welcome all voices open to debate on the campus and strive to uphold objective reporting in the news department. As a vital part of Notre Dame’s public square, we provide a space for people to be recorded in Notre Dame’s history.

Your donation will help us to reach these ambitious goals, with long lasting and transformative initiatives. 
To those who are kind enough to recognize the work we do with an ND Day donation: thank you. Your gift will go a long way in putting our papers in newsstands, funding our staff, sending our sports reporters to game coverage, securing the future of student journalism and empowering us to “uncover the truth and report it accurately.”

The views expressed in this column are those of the author and not necessarily those of The Observer.